It is a Valentine's Day week, and it feels that couples should talk more about feelings and all that soft things this week. But in fact, it is critical to talk about money and finance too. Usually, couples do not speak a lot about money, and this can affect your marriage or relations. Money widely cited as the number one cause for divorce, being open from the off could save you stress in the long-term.

So far, as it is not too late, start discussing more money, personal finance with your partner. Debating about money should be part of your normal, routine conversations as a couple. It doesn’t have to be a mega, formal, spreadsheet-backed discussion every week, but checking in on where you are with your goals and your projections is a must. We made a list of questions you should ask and answer with your partner.

1. How do you see yourself in five / ten / twenty years regarding finance and careers?

Defining your plans is very important for both. Having a bright idea of your dreams and intends will let you create saving, investing or debt repayment strategy or make a retired pump.
The answer to this question not only details you future incomes but also allow you discover what the other person thinks and feels. Also, represent your man's/lady's dreams and how you will craft a life plan together.

2. How did your family manage money while you were growing up?

The background where we grow up forms the behavior and attitude to money. Growing up in a financially insecure home –whether permanent cash-strap or irresponsible money management or both–sets us up as adults for a different relationship with our money than someone who grew up in a financially stable home environment.
Discussing this question, you can also find out the best and worst practices that your parents did and use it for your personal finance strategy development.

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3. What does money mean to you?

There are two types of people. Those who earn money for spending and those who save it for the future. Define which camp you and your partner fall into. It is not a wrong thing to be on opposite sides. Having this awareness will let you understand decision-making and thinking of your partner.

4. How would like to spend money if you have extra?

Ask this question your partner and find out his or her dream. Learn what is very important for your partner at the moment and what things would bring more joy. Maybe it is some jewelry, watch, book, travel or even car or a house.
Discuss what items you and your partner enjoy spending money on most. This great way to explore how you both view needs.
Answering this question let you deeply know your partners dreams as well as make them come true. Add some items from dream list to buy list and plan budget to make your partner happy.

5. What is your attitude on charity and donating money?

Sharing is caring - this is used to say. Discuss with your partner about money donation. What is his or her attitude to this, what type of charity is acceptable and whom to give charity - these angles of discussion you should cover.
Determining how–and if–you want to donate to charity is an excellent way to expand your values and insights.


6. How do we want to share our finance?

Couples - especially on the moment they move to live together - should talk about sharing money. It is essential to agree on splitting debts or you combining your finances. If you decide to combine, ensure you both have access, control, and understanding of how to manage money.
Though every couple will conclude their methodology of money management but keep in mind these parts:
1. Be informed about investments, retirement, debts, credit cards, savings and net worth.
2. Understand about bill payments. How and when it should be paid?
3. Realize investing and retirement strategies as well as long-term goals.

7. How should we save money for the future?

Saving is always a good idea. Talk to your partner about the saving possibilities. How much money can you put into the saving account? Consider clever investing options into the P2P platform. For example, in FAST INVEST investments are protected with BuyBack and Default guarantees, and you can earn up to 13% of interest rate. It is a bit like boot camp for savings.

Talking about money should not be a tabu in your relations. You should ask money-related questions on a regular basis not only once a year. Always discuss your upcoming big purchases, review your expenses, think about saving and investing. Find your best way to money chat with your partner.