Posted on 2018-04-09

Fast Invest ICO 2.0: What Happens Next?

Life is buzzing behind the scenes of Fast Invest ICO.

The team have been working hard to translate their passion into vision - and now, we find ourselves at the second stage of Fast Invest ICO lifecycle.

Some of you will know that in December 2017, Fast Invest launched its first ICO

It was big news – but hardly a surprise.

After all, a young, immensely successful and innovative FinTech company like Fast Invest wouldn’t miss out on the cryptocurrency phenomenon. Not when the value of all bitcoin in circulation is set to hit $1.2T in 2018 (say what?!).

And now, the Fast Invest ICO is about to begin an even more exciting chapter.

We’ll tell you in a moment what this new chapter will bring - but first, let’s recap on the Fast Invest ICO story.