Ok, we are not very generous by putting up promotional offers. Though, when we do it, our offers can make you rich. Or at least earn a solid return from investing in consumer loans. Some vigilant users have probably noticed that outstanding offers comes once sometimes twice in a year. Maybe this is the time. Want to learn more what is in our pocket today? Let us show you.

Happy Days promotional fits an experienced investor as well as the newbie one. We say: „Invest 2000 euro, get 100 euro bonus“. That is right, for each 2000 euro you will transfer and invest in consumer loans in FAST INVEST investment platform, you will get 100 euro bonus. If you are good at math, you will quickly calculate that this is up to 5% more. Should we mention that interest rate at the moment may vary up to 16%? All in all, you will get the solid return on your investment.