Posted on 2018-12-20
5 min read

Irrational Spending: Why Should We Look To Our Finances More Seriously?

Even though Finances are one of the hottest topics in the world – the inability to manage money is one of the most underestimated dilemmas of mankind. Humanity misuses the power of money and loses its advantages for temporary satisfaction.

Pop culture and the trend of consumerism is influencing buyers on the spontaneous spending. Triggering people to buy things we never use. Provoke viewers to donate for the random entertainers offering no added value. That kind of decisions twisting in our minds and makes us look silly. We need structure, we need discipline, and we need to teach ourselves how to manage our funds.

Benjamin Franklin once said, “Money makes money. And the money that money makes, makes money”. Two assumptions can be seen in this quote. One is that if you let your money work they will earn you a profit which reinvested will grow even more. But we should raise another question as well, what happens if money does not make money?