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We have expected a magical 2020, and in some way, it's mesmerizing. Humanity has experienced struggles and challenges, but if you're walking down the right path and willing to keep walking, you'll eventually progress. During this period, we hold a positive vibe, and our team learned lots of lessons. We are proud of this period and outcome - the reshaped identity of FAST INVEST.

You don't make progress by standing on the sidelines, whimpering and complaining. You make progress by implementing ideas. This is a time with pride to reveal a whole new concept of FAST INVEST.

Unorthodox Concept

Our Perception of Financial Welfare

FAST INVEST platform is a state of the art financial tool. Our engine helps society to build passive income streams and to achieve financial freedom in the short term. 

Our vision is to develop a smart and financially responsible community that contributes to the common good. By this, we mean not the latest phones, cars, or luxury watches. Material attributes play a secondary role in our mindset. The most significant investment is a self-development, the ability to allocate resources responsibly and rationally

The Art of Investment

The Importance of Society

FAST INVEST has an intention to inspire people and be always ready to pursue bigger goals. The concept is based on the symbiosis of a responsible act, altruistic notion, and academic discipline. This particular harmony builds a broader context and awareness of our presence in our society. To be a part of the community is a unique inclusion, and it is something bigger than you alone.

Responsible citizens of society - this is the key attribute of luxury.

Jazzy Visual Identity

Noticing What Others Don't

If you know what everyone else knows, you'll get what everyone else gets. To get better results, you need to know things that other people don't know and do things differently. Some of these things can work to your advantage and some to your disadvantage. You want to make sure it works to your advantage. One way to know something that no one else knows is to pay careful attention to what everyone knows but doesn't pay attention to. If you can do that, it's the same as knowing something no one else knows. This is the main reason for our jazzy visual identity.

Unique Brand Book

Our Own Brand Book

No matter what you call it or what its scope is, every Brand deserves to have a Brand Book to protect and shelter it from “good intention” and “bad taste.” A brand book is the physical manifestation of the living, breathing concept that is your Brand. Without a guiding document, the Brand can spin out into an inconsistent set of representations.
FAST INVEST Brand Book Image

The Brand Book helps to define the standard elements of the Brand identity to limit the inconsistency that would otherwise develop as the Brand is implemented and actively used. With genuine pride, FAST INVEST presents our Brand Book.

FAST INVEST Brand Book Image

Reactive Web

Empathy is the Most Important Feature of UX

A good UX designer has empathy.

This is something every UX designer has heard at some point in their career. Empathy helps us get into the mindset of the user and build solutions that solve real problems. By having empathy, designers gain a deeper understanding of the user and can advocate for what’s truly important to them.

Neuomorphism (or Neo-skeuomorphism) is a term coined by Michael Malewicz.

FAST INVEST Investment Platform Representation

Neumorphism is the modern derivation of skeuomorphism, the concept of modeling designs after their real-world equivalent.  It's an iteration of a style of designing web elements, frames, screens, etc. known as Skeuomorphism. The feel of it: Flat but realistic. In detail: Soft transition between UI elements (buttons, cards, input fields, graphs, boxes, etc.) and background. Empathy is embedded in the idea of skeuomorphism. It’s about taking something novel to your users and designing in a way they already understand. This can be an excellent way for designers to help build a conceptual model that their users can understand and relate to. An example of this is the computer “desktop” as designed by Steve Jobs in the '80s, which uses the idea of a real-life desktop as a metaphor, complete with a trash can to move unwanted ‘files’ into, files as places to put content into and folders to put files into.


FAST INVEST Investment Platform Representation


Neumorphic card pretends to extrude from the background. It’s a raised shape made from the same material as the background. When we look at it from the side, we see that it doesn’t “float.”

This effect is pretty easy to achieve by playing with two shadows, one at negative values while the other at positive. But for it to work, our background cannot be entirely black or fully white. It needs at least a tiny bit of tint, so both dark and “light” shadows will be visible. You can use any hue for the background to be warmer or colder, depending on your choice. But white and dark shadows have to be visible on it, if slightly.

Text: Financial Freedom

Most people would say that money can’t buy happiness, but when it comes to retiring happily, money is crucial. Your financial freedom rests on your ability to make smart decisions when it comes to managing money. With the savings interest rates in the gutter, it’s no longer enough to be saving every cent. It’s time to make those cents venture out and multiply.

Build your FINANCIAL FREEDOM with the FAST INVEST platform. The refined PASSIVE INCOME engine. 

The art of investment. Your future luxury.

Financially Yours, FAST INVEST