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Make Your Investing Resolutions Reality

What are your personal financial goals?

Wherever you are in life, investing probably should be among these goals, since it's the best way to build and secure a sustainable future for yourself. But there are so many things to know. How can you find the money for investing? And what should you invest in? After all, isn't investing risky and something that only the rich can afford to do? In this article, I'll help explain why you should start investing, how you can find the funds for it, and what exactly should you be putting your money in.

Why Should You Invest at all?

You might be thinking, "Well, I have a career and a reliable source of income, why should I bother investing at all?".

To understand why you should bother investing and creating streams of passive income for yourself, you have to think about what most people would instead not think about.

Job Loss

Your job might seem stable, and your employers might look reliable right now. But are they? Think about the 2008 crisis when millions of people worldwide lost their jobs through no fault of their own. What happens if (or preferably when) there is another economic downturn? Then there's outsourcing. What if your employers decide that you and your colleagues simply aren't worth the paycheck and decide to hire rising talent. Moreover, there's the technology to worry about, because AI might soon take your place! It might sound silly, but it's true! As Martin Ford points out in his book The Rise of Robotsrobots are not only good at replacing people who are flipping burgers; they are coming for white-collar jobs. Are you sure you are that irreplaceable? You need to be prepared for a case of job loss even if that kind of a situation seems very unlikely to happen. And the best way to make for it is to create a stream of income independent of your job!


You never know when an illness might render you unable to work. Sure, you might be young and healthy now, but who knows what the future might bring? How long would your savings last in an unfortunate situation like this? Probably not long enough. This is another reason why it's essential to have a source of passive income that would continue coming in even in a case where you can't work anymore.

Old Age

In the modern world, the vast majority of us are pretty much guaranteed to live until we are old. That time of your old age might still be decades away, but in reality, time flies, and you will be old before you know it. So how do you want your golden years to look like? We all imagine contently sitting by the fireplace and playing with our grandchildren. However, the reality for older adults is often much direr because they have to take a massive cut in income once they retire. Are you ready to reduce your living standards in the final stage of your life? Most people aren't and are shocked by the situation they find themselves in during their golden years. That's yet another reason for investing and creating income streams to supplement your pension once you retire.

It's very unpleasant to think about these things. But it's better to think things through and be prepared for the worst-case scenarios than to not have a care in the world and then be taken by surprise when things go wrong. And one of the best ways to prepare for things going wrong in life is having multiple sources of income (mainly passive income).

Where to Find the Money for Investing?

Okay, so now you understand that you need to start investing, but that is easier said than done, isn't it? Millennials are often made fun of for still living with their parents and working at a coffee shop, but the reality is that they graduated right into the Great Recession and still recovering from that. And it's not only the Millennials that are struggling. So how can you find the money for investing when you are already pinching cent coins?

Spending Habits

Do you know where your money is going? If you are like most people, you probably don't. The solution to that is to start tracking all your expenses; down to a 50 cent pack of chewing gum. That might seem excessive, but it's the kind of discipline you need to get your finances in order. You can use Excel or various apps for this. That way, the reality of your spending habits will sink in, and you'll be more likely to find some fat to trim.

Make a Plan

Once you know where your money is going at the moment, it's time to decide where it should be going instead. Eric Ravenscraft, the author of How to Start Managing Your Money, For Those Who Never Learned Growing Up, recommends spending 50%-60% of your income on fixed costs (various bills), leaving 20%-35% for guilt-free spending, setting 5%-10% aside for savings, and another 10% for investment. These are useful guidelines, although there should be less guilt-free spending and more saving and investing (for example, every time you buy a coffee, you should also set aside the same amount for investing). It's up for you to decide!


Willpower is a limited resource, so you can't expect to do everything right through sheer willpower alone. The best thing you can do for your finances is to take as many decisions out of your hands as possible and make it run on autopilot. So go to your bank and set up automatic payments for bills, savings, and investments. With these three steps, you'll be able to regain control of your finances, and you'll find money to set aside for investing even if you are on a tight budget at the moment.

Once you are ready to invest, you might be overwhelmed by all the options out there, and get stuck in analysis paralysis. What exactly should you put your money into?

In the past, businesses and individuals who needed loans or wanted to invest their money had to deal with banks and other traditional financial institutions to carry out these financial tasks. The process was slow, tedious, and somewhat draining. Nowadays, the situation is different.

Have You Heard of Alternative Investment Platforms?

Alternative investments are the most promising way of building passive income streams. Also, it might be a good fit for you. Alternative investments can be described as connecting borrowers who are looking for loans with lenders who want to invest their money in those loans. 

The pursuit of happiness is one of the most important driving forces in our society. Being happy and content is the primary human goal. Nothing in life is better than finding the source of perpetual happiness - a rounded fulfillment. Most people would say that money can't buy happiness, but funds are crucial when it comes to financial freedom or passive income stream. Making smart and diversified investments while you can is a vital part of accumulating a comfortable future pot.

Your financial freedom rests on your ability to make intelligent decisions when it comes to managing money. With the savings interest rates in the gutter, it's no longer enough to be saving every cent. It's time to make those cents venture out and multiply. Make it happen with FAST INVEST.

FAST INVEST platform is a state of the art financial tool. Our engine helps society to build passive income streams and to achieve financial freedom.

Our vision to develop a smart and financially responsible community that contributes to the common good. By this, we mean not the latest phones, cars, or luxury watches. Material attributes play a secondary role in our mindset. The most significant investment is a self-development, the ability to allocate resources responsibly and rationally.

FAST INVEST has an intention to inspire people and be always ready to pursue bigger goals. The concept is based on the symbiosis of a responsible act, altruistic notion, and academic discipline. This particular harmony builds a broader context and awareness of our presence in our society. To be a part of the community is a unique inclusion, and it is something bigger than you alone.

Responsible citizens of society - this is the crucial attribute of luxury.


We are not a regular alternative investment platform. As you noticed, we see the future in bright colors and a responsible manner. FAST INVEST intention to collaborate and find the best solutions for both parties. Both sides must respect each other and profit from this respect. It's business, it's finance, and finally, it's the art of investment.

Here are listed our specialties and added values for our beloved investors. Let's dive into it.

High ROI

We understand that only a high-interest rate could attract investors to join our platform, which is a default feature of FAST INVEST. It supposed to be like this, isn't it? Check our loans with up to 18% interest rate in our Loan List or look up for discounted loans in our Secondary Market.

Auto Invest

This tool makes you smile. AUTO INVEST uses algorithms to recognize new potential investments based upon the user's pre-selected criteria. This means that your money is never idle, for example, when your monthly return gets paid, it can be automatically reinvested in a new opportunity, and thus your income continues to grow, while you continue to go about your regular business. It's one of the quickest ways to generate a passive income.

  Exit Options

Sometimes unexpected happens, and you need your money urgently. We offer smart ways to exit your investments.

  • SECONDARY MARKET. If you are looking to sell your loan on the FAST INVEST platform and do not want to wait for the loan to run out, your first option is to make use of the Secondary Market. FAST INVEST integrates Secondary Market into our Primary Market, aka Loans List. Loans listed on the Secondary Market named Backup Loans, and you can find it highlighted in a pale blue and marked by the blueish symbol.
  • BUYBACK GUARANTEE. Whenever a payment is more than three days overdue, our BuyBack Guarantee is triggered. The repayment (principal + interest) is paid within three days if the loan is of a 3-day BuyBack guarantee. With a 7 and 15 days BuyBack guarantee, if the repayment is not made with the period, the loan will be repurchased, and you will receive the whole outstanding principal and accrued interest.

Secure Investments

We want to assure you that FAST INVEST has a well-balanced business structure. The majority of loans listed in our loan list are installments. Installment is the type of credit issued at a defined amount for a set period:

  • Payments are usually made monthly in equal installments, which generally lowers the default risk compared to Payday lending.

This is a reason why our loans are - low-risk types. Most of the lenders that we partner with have established full processes of credibility assessment.

Adjustable Premiums

If money does not make money at some point, there will be no money left to spend! Do you have an extra €1k, €10k, or €50k to invest? And You think something is missing here! Let's chat about how we can help to make a profit for you with your spare money. Adjustable interest rates and cashback percentages in our toolkit could infuse you with fresh and joyful scents.

Financial Concierge

Humans are social creatures. We crave interaction and attention. We like to be treated as individuals and not as "a number." We all know, investors desire not only high ROI, but they are looking for something more - a unique experience. Investors aspiration - to be treated as individuals; they want services that are tailored to their specific needs, for example, offering tailoring terms, rates, pricing to meet their needs. FAST INVEST brings you an option to make it happen. 

Make Investing Your Priority

Your future rests solely on your shoulders - if you don't take action and do things that matter, no one else will do them for you.

This applies to invest, too. You need to get serious about it and start taking action steps towards making it a reality. No one will build your financial future for you!

The Art of Investment - FAST INVEST