Trend 1: Brexit fails to dampen the demand for London tech talent

An aura of uncertainty has surrounded the UK over the past year, with this Saturday marking the one-year anniversary since Britain held a referendum and were delivered the news that they’d be leaving the EU. Amidst this ‘uncertainty’ stood concerns over talent retention in the UK, with the potential capping of immigration numbers put forward by the UK government,[i] coupled with skepticism of the UK’s future plans in Europe.

However, new data released during London Tech Week from Stack Overflow sees the UK feature in third place globally, just behind San Francisco and New York, in terms of cities with the highest concentration of technology developers. 11% growth in the past year.

Trend 2: Sophia steals the show

Day 2 of London Tech Week saw Hanson Robotics reveal their most advanced robot yet, Sophia. From her human looks, based on none-other than the iconic Audrey Hepburn, to her interview appearances on a multiple television shows there’s no surprise that the artificial intelligence behind her distinctive human traits caught our attention.

Hanson Robotics founder and Sophia creator, David Hanson, is already recognised with prominence across the global for his ‘genius initiatives’ of creating robots that can not only act, but also pull off the appearance, of a real human being. We have no doubt Sophia will only advance in her human-likeness and supreme intelligence as time evolves.