Oh boy! The summer is finished, and we did not have time to enjoy it. We are more than ever concentrated in achieving the goals that we set for Fast Invest. We are on a journey to become a Licensed Investment Bank. After successful crowdsale, our platform will provide every user an opportunity to hold, invest, borrow and exchange in Crypto and Fiat currencies.

So what happened during the summer?

The summer was full of surprises and significant achievements. We are step by step building awareness about Fast Invest ICO. We are getting more and more coverage about it as well there are some huge announcements planned! So do not miss it we will be posting everything on our social media.

One thing that we are especially proud of is that we have completed successful Airdrop Campaign. The community has grown around 7 TIMES! There were 5,080,500 Fast Invest tokens distributed for the Airdrop participants.

As well everyone probably noticed that we had completed the First Price Stage! Yes, that is true on July 9th we have reached the 100,000,000 FIT token mark. There are more than 27,000 contributors to the ICO, and the number is constantly increasing. Step by step we are moving to success!

Roadmap update

At Fast Invest Roadmap, we have stated that we will launch Android and iOS app at 2Q of 2018. There were slight changes to this. During the Application development period, we have seen few things that we need to change to improve user experience quality, speed as well as security for the best performance possible.

We are finishing the App, and we will announce the launch of it as soon as it meets all the highest performance and user experience quality standards.


As you see we are moving forward and not looking back. Join our ICO and take a part of our Journey to become Online Investment Bank. Together we will achieve great accomplishments!


Follow our social media to see the latest announcements of our platform. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us via email or telegram chat!