Buongiorno! This is happening. Fast Invest is moving to Italy! The step that all the team was waiting for a long time. Indeed, we have been working diligently in preparation for Italian market entry. Our platform runs as smooth as ever. Platform engine is updated to 5th version with new and more advanced Auto Invest tool.

 The support team is also set and ready for Italian customers. With the big sharks as Kickstarter and Indiegogo just entering the market, we feel that this is the best time for us to open up the new page for our company. Having more than 8500 active customers, company is rapidly expanding, however keeping a keen eye on how our satellite offices work.

 According to Lend Academy p2p lending marketplace is still in its infancy, but the long term potential is massive. We are tapping into it. “The industry’s estimated total volumes since inception as of the end of June 2016 stood at €45.6 mn (approximately $50 mn USD). By comparison, the same figure at the same date for the UK was 161.5 times larger at £5.8 bn pounds (AltFi estimates).” – says Lend Academy.

 We feel that this is the right time for expansion, keeping in mind that Fast Invest platform is different, because we offer our clients Buy Back as well as Default Guarantee. That is a huge advantage considering our competitors. In terms of defaulted loans our customers do not need to sell them in a Secondary Market, which everyone knows is quite difficult to do.

 “First Italian p2p lending platform helped creditworthy SMEs to obtain credit in just three working days while promising 5-7% return to our investors.” – says P2P banking, when Fast Invest platform offers 8-13% return to investor.

 “The Italian consumer credit market is worth approximately €46 billion, of which €25 billion are represented by personal loans. Only approximately 5% of them (€1.3 billion) are loans researched and purchased online” that is Fast Invests initial target market.” – says Altfir.

 Again, we feel this is the best time to add yet another market to already solid count. Fast Invest is going strong in Poland, Germany, United Kingdom and with new customers from Belgium, Switzerland, Austria and Netherlands discovering our platform we are expanding.

 Viva l'Italia!