Ok, we are not very generous by putting up promotional offers. Though, when we do it, our offers can make you rich. Or at least earn a solid return from investing in consumer loans. Some vigilant users have probably noticed that outstanding offers comes once sometimes twice in a year. Maybe this is the time. Want to learn more what is in our pocket today? Let us show you.

Happy Days promotional fits an experienced investor as well as the newbie one. We say: „Invest 2000 euro, get 100 euro bonus“. That is right, for each 2000 euro you will transfer and invest in consumer loans in FAST INVEST investment platform, you will get 100 euro bonus. If you are good at math, you will quickly calculate that this is up to 5% more. Should we mention that interest rate at the moment may vary up to 16%? All in all, you will get the solid return on your investment.

For sure, there are some conditions to get 100 euro bonus. There is the short period when you can take advantage of the offer. This offer valid to investments that are made on the 15th to18th of May only. There is no time for the long thinking - take it or regret later.

This offer is also available in Polish Zloty. You have to transfer and invest 8000 zloty to get 400 zloty reward.

We will lock your bonus until the last conditions are completed. You need to keep your investments in FAST INVEST platform at least for seven months. We will activate your bonus after minimum required investment period. If for some reason you cancel your investment and withdraw money, you will lose the bonus.

Here are Happy Day promotion terms and conditions shortly:

  • Transfer and invest 2000 euro or 8000 zloty and more to consumer loans in FAST INVEST investment platform.
  • Get the 100 euro or 400 zloty reward for every 2000 euro or 8000 zloty transaction made.
  • You can not use currency exchange for those transactions.
  • Keep your investments in FAST INVEST platform at least for seven months.
  • If you will be not able to hold your investments for seven months, you will lose your reward.
  • Promo is available on transactions and investments made on the 15th-18th of May.
  • The bonus will be automatically activated after seven months investment period.
  • At any time and for any reason in its sole discretion, Fast Invest reserves the right, to modify or discontinue, temporarily or permanently, the Campaign (or any part thereof) with or without notice.

There are a lot of reasons to take part in this promotions despite the bonus you will get. Here is some of them.

The lowest entry point

We strive that everyone can become an investor. For this reason, we have lowered entry point to the minimum. If you have 1 Euro, 1 British Pound, 1 Polish Zloty or 1 US dollar in your pocket, you can start investing right away. On the other hand, it is better to start with 2000 euro during this promotion because you will get 100 euro bonus.

Safe investment

We do everything to secure your investments. Starting with safe technology, ending with guarantees that protect you from the loss. All loans in the loan list are protected by Default and BuyBack guarantees. We turn Default guarantee to the loans when a payment installment is overdue by three or more days. BuyBack guarantee enables you to get your money back any time you need.

Money liquidity

As we ensure all loans are protected, we do not need to have a secondary market. We all know how long it takes to resell loan in the secondary market and get your money back. No secondary market, no stress. High money liquidity is our another promise.

Free of charge

It is true; you can use our investment platform for free.  We have no fees for registering, no credit card information is required, no annual account or administrative fees. On top of all that, we will exchange your currency for free.

High ROI

Investing in consumer loans might be a good choice for promising return. Usually, the interest rate varies from 8% to 14%. However, we have loans that have interest rate up to 16% at the moment. On top of that, you can take the promotional bonus, we have already discussed.

Now, this is your time to make the right decision and take actions.