You probably already know a great deal about us.

You may know that we’re experts in digital investments - and we’re positively impacting the lives of thousands of investors.

That we’re incredibly ambitious, innovation-driven, and passionate about (i.e., obsessed with) technology.

You may also know that we’re a global company with a presence in multiple markets – and actionable plans to expand into more.

But what you may not know is how it all began. The first steps. The “Eureka!” moments. The challenges. The hard work that paid off (not to brag here - but we do have over 27,000 customers worldwide).

So, what’s the story of FAST INVEST? Read on to find out.

First, there was a brilliant idea

Each successful business primarily comprises two equally important elements:

  1. A brilliant idea for a much-needed service or product;
  2. An individual, ambitious enough to turn it into reality.

In our case, this determined individual was the founder and CEO of FAST INVEST, Simona Vaitkune, who sparked a brilliant business idea while she was working in the lending sector.
A creative soul at heart, Simona always knew that art can have many forms – both in a literal, and metaphorical sense.

But what she didn’t know was that certain life events would lead to her diving head-first into the art of innovation.

Simona’s personal need to create a passive income stream was the beginning of it all. Having decided to invest a small portion of her earnings, she started thoroughly searching for an option that would be suitable for someone like her; a company that would make investing accessible enough to someone who didn’t have extensive knowledge about the investment sector, nor a hefty stash of cash to start with.

And then, it became clear as day: investing was way too complicated.

And exclusive.

And not at all user-friendly.

If you wanted to invest money to create a passive income stream, you needed to know a great deal about investing. We’re talking the intricate details, the jargon, the legal stuff – investing through existing platforms was all very complicated.

Also, you needed to be based in a certain area to invest in many platforms, posing a geographical challenge. Plus, most companies had a minimum initial investment, which was a lot more than many people would be able to set aside for that. So, if you had little money and wanted to make more – investment wasn’t an option for you.

Care to guess what happened next?

Simona Vaitkune, a young, creative and challenge-driven individual with experience in the lending sector decided to combine her creativity, skills, and ambition to design a product that changes that.  

She teamed up with a friend (conveniently, a programming guru!) and worked for months to create an alternative investment platform, which makes investing accessible to everyone; particularly those who wanted to set themselves up for greater financial security without any expertise in the investment sector - nor much money to start with.

Overcoming the challenges

But it wasn’t all smooth sailing. Like with any ambitious start-up, a large portion of your life, time and energy need to be invested first for something truly exceptional to be brought into existence. Simona remembers there being no weekends, no holidays, no time for anything else in the first six months. FAST INVEST was all she had time for – and her determination to create something truly unique kept her going. 

One of the biggest challenges was the lack of support the CEO of Fast Invest received from those around her at first.

She was thinking big – but people often have a tendency to think small. Her business idea and work were repeatedly dismissed. People didn’t believe she could successfully turn it into reality. 

But as a well-known saying goes, “being challenged in life is inevitable, being defeated is optional.

These and other challenges the company faced were never something that could discourage the founder from continuing. They were something that taught her and the company to keep pushing the boundaries.

Perfection is our passion

People say that perfection is an illusion. That striving for it is a waste of energy – and that being “good enough” is, well, good enough.

But that was never something the team at FAST INVEST could sign up for. Since day one, we have been striving for perfection in everything we do.

  • We set ourselves a goal to deliver the perfect alternative investment platform which simplifies and demystifies investment processes.
  • We made it our mission to give you the perfect opportunity to create a better financial future.
  • We vowed to offer perfectly safe, reliable and easily accessible investment solutions.
  • We have put in place the highest security measures – and the chance to opt out anytime, should you want or need to. Perfect.

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication” 

When it comes to services, we truly believe that simplicity is key.

Our company started as a platform aiming to simplify the investing process. To make it accessible to those who previously wouldn’t have been able to dip their toes into investing – because of knowledge, language, or financial barriers.

Creating additional sources of income is more important than many people think. It safeguards your future. It creates a more stable, secure life for you - and your loved ones. And - it helps you sleep better at night.

We have always been on a mission to bring forward a simpler, faster, and more transparent way to invest – with no strings attached.

Our users’ needs are always at the forefront of our minds, translating into an easy investing process and a helpful, intuitive, and user-friendly platform.

What the future holds

Are we excited about the future? To say that we’re excited would be a massive understatement!

Here at FAST INVEST, we have seen exponential growth as an alternative investment company – and numbers speak volumes:

  • Our average interest rate grew from 12.78% to 14.3% (11.88% growth).
  • Our cumulative turnover grew from €5.2 million to €29.6 million (2018 3rd Quarter) (469.34 % growth).
  • Our Investment volume grew from €1.4 million in 2017 to €5.3 (in 2018 3rd Quarter) (284.62% growth).

On top of that – we now have over 27,000 customers, and these numbers keep growing.

Our advanced alternative investment platform which offers a secure, transparent and highly profitable way to invest money in consumer loans across the EU, continues to attract more users who want to create a brighter financial future for themselves.