With more than 38 million people, Poland in one of the biggest financial markets in Europe. Since the inception of P2P lending FinTech companies, polish market has evolved greatly and now this neo-investment possibility is well spread. Investors are no longer skeptical to the new way of personal asset holding venture. Moreover, they are searching for new ways to put their money to action. Usual way, setting additional funds to banking account with 1-2% annual return seems old-fashioned and does not give substantial returns.

 In the modern society the trend is that old way of doing business and overall doing-everything is changing so fast! What was acceptable back in February, now seems unfit for our light wave speed connections. Every one of us wants everything now, or we go elsewhere to those, who can deliver if the response is not rapid enough.

 Financial market is no exception. Big banks still hold the monopoly on money, but they and everyone knows – it’s not goanna be that forever. People like freedom, people like innovation, people like youth! Young minds are what drives this post-millennia generation forward. They are bald enough to take the necessary risks and it pays. Pays well.

 Being established in 2012, Fast Invest P2P investment company is pushing the boundaries of neo-banking and neo-investment horizons. Young team of specialists work to make the platform reliable, fast and most importantly secure. Being spread in all major countries of Europe, this FinTech is really something to look to. They already have loans with interest rate as high as 8-13%, which is unheard off in too stiff and too bureaucratic banking sector.

 Fast Invest is already established in Poland, United Kingdom, Germany and is now moving to Italy. It is yet another logical step. According to Lend Academy p2p lending marketplace in Italy is still in its infancy, but the long term potential is massive. “The industry’s estimated total volumes since inception as of the end of June 2016 stood at €45.6 mn (approximately $50 mn USD). By comparison, the same figure at the same date for the UK was 161.5 times larger at £5.8 bn pounds (AltFi estimates).” – says Lend Academy.

 “With the big sharks as Kickstarter and Indiegogo just entering the market, we feel that this is the best time for us to open up the new page for our company. Having more than 8500 active customers, company is rapidly expanding its reach and market coverage.”- says Simona, Fast Invest CEO.  

 “We feel that this is the right time for expansion, keeping in mind that Fast Invest platform is different, because we offer our clients Buy Back as well as Default Guarantee. That is a huge advantage considering our competitors. In terms of defaulted loans our customers do not need to sell them in a Secondary Market which everyone knows is quite difficult to do.” – says CEO of this young and ambitious FinTech company.

 First Italian p2p lending platform helped creditworthy SMEs to obtain credit in just three working days while promising 5-7% return to our investors.” – says P2P banking, when Fast Invest platform offers 8-13% return to investor.

 “The Italian consumer credit market is worth approximately €46 billion, of which €25 billion are represented by personal loans. Only approximately 5% of them (€1.3 billion) are loans researched and purchased online” – says Altfir, that is Fast Invests initial target market.

 “With addition of Italy market, we are also looking into adding loans from Germany and Italy as well.” – say CEO. This of course will add additional value and the goal is to originate more than 4 million Euro loan volume per month. This would give us a solid position and stimulus to extend our reach to Scandinavia, as we already have out site translated into Finnish, German, Polish, now Italy and soon Spain.”

 Fast Invest already managed to introduce many new features to platform starting with Auto Invest, Verification process and overall user experience on the web. It surely does things differently, which sets them apart from competition. Of course as with all the new FinTech companies the great challenge is payment gateways, which are closed due to regulation, but that is a temporary issue. As with all the great innovation, it takes time to adopt and find new ways of doing business.

 In ever-changing world, the most important thing is to keep up with innovation and offer the client fresh and new solution to old way of doing business. That is and always will be all FinTech companies goal. Fast Invest does a great job, while working side by side with other “sharks in the tank”.

 Young and ambitious team does push boundaries of old understanding of what it is like to do financial business. We are keeping our eye on this upcoming P2P lending platform rock star. It is never easy for young team to establish itself among the old-timers, but there is certain charm about the way they do business. The loan pool is solid and ever-growing, the support team is always happy to help and quick to respond and with a strong IT support that is a good recipe to success.