One of the distinctive features of the development and successful functioning of business in the new economic reality is its optimal sufficiency, Dmitry Leus, an entrepreneur and banking and financial services professional believes

Optimization is in the trend! Such a conclusion could be made if we analyze the actions of many strong players of the domestic and world market over the past few years. Almost every second company one way or another attempts to optimize something, increase efficiency and start to dispose of its material and nonmaterial resources (use the so-called Lean-approach) more competently, reach a new level of development. At the heart of this development are changes that begin and end first of all in the head. They begin, as a rule, in the head of the owner or top manager, and end in the head of an ordinary employee.

This is the most ideal option. The option, when the objectives of optimization and result are clearly understood, the actions are clear and agreed by all participants, the resources are sufficient, and the risks are taken into account and assessed. However, in reality this is not always the case. Over the past few years, I have often been invited by influential players of European business market as an independent financial adviser to analyze their current situation. This significant practical experience and insight allowed me to pick out the main and most popular mistakes that “reformers” make.