We’ve spoken to Pradeep Goel, CEO of Solve.Care Foundation about the new offering they are going to launch. Is it an ICO or is it not? 

According to Solve.Care they are going to launch their token sale, and it is not coin offering. ICOs are essentially crypto currencies, while the Solve.Care tokens are usage tokens giving access rights to the platform.

Pradeep explains: “Those who have the tokens will be able to configure our platform to their specific needs, large token holders will even be able to influence our road map, and participate in our product management council. Token holders will also have the right to procure certain licences, and acquire new products from our marketplace. What they are buying is the right to use our platform, not equity in our company. We are simply selling them advance licences to our software. In many ways it is similar to putting down a deposit for, say, a Tesla, before the car is built. It is a pre-sale of our services.”