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Technical Glossary: FAST INVEST Deconstruct Vol.1

Thank you for your interest in the FAST INVEST platform. I am cheerful to help you and explain the details of our engine. Let's begin!

I would love to cover several topics related to specifics of the FAST INVEST investment tool. My intention to explain the following questions:

But first of all, your prime step and the very basis of investment journey - signing up with us. And yet, indeed, your financial freedom is on the horizon. Let's put some effort into building a passive income stream! Plunge into the investment ocean and be prepared to consume the essence of it. Pull the trigger!

P2P Alternative Investment Platform FAST INVEST

Let's start by defining what P2P finance is. In a nutshell, P2P (or peer-to-peer) finance can be described as connecting borrowers who are looking for loans with lenders who want to invest their money in those loans. This process excludes traditional financial institutions and is often facilitated by P2P lending sites. As you can understand, FAST INVEST is a facilitator.

Our technology makes investment understandable and straightforward. By the way, FAST INVEST gives you the chance to earn up to 18% on whatever you invest. By excluding intermediaries from all our transactions, we allow you to avoid the commissions and delays that you experience with a traditional bank. We are flexible, and our size allows us to offer better terms for our users. Instead of having to pour our profits into massive operating costs, we can share them with you!

Sounds good? Keep going!

How does P2P work FAST INVEST

The process of P2P investing is relatively simple. Once you've found a P2P lending platform you want to invest with, you sign up to become a loan lender - and decide how much money you wish to lend and for how long. You then add funds to your account and start investing in P2P loans. Many P2P companies tie up your funds for an agreed term. Make sure you are comfortable with not seeing your money for a couple of years before committing to such timescales.

With alternative financing companies like FAST INVEST, however, a Secondary Market allows you to stop investing any time. So, if your circumstances change, the investment will be bought from you in the Secondary Market. 

Now, you're probably thinking, "How do P2P companies make sure that I lend my money to people who will payback?"

With P2P platforms, the borrowers will apply for a loan and go through a verification process. Once their loan request is approved, they will receive a loan for the agreed period of time – and will be required to make regular repayments of the borrowed amount, as well as interest, each month.

When it comes to alternative financing, the loan verification process is first completed by licensed lending partners who supply loans to the alternative financing platforms.

That's followed by another thorough check performed by the platform itself, to ensure the risk is fully evaluated – and the borrower will keep up with their payments. 

Procedures at FAST INVEST

I would love to give you a short overview of how FAST INVEST processing business.

  • An applicant applies for a loan from a lending institution, and then prepares all the necessary documents and completes the application forms. 

  • The lending institution checks records, credit scores, and performs a risk evaluation (If everything is satisfactory, the lending institution grants the loan.) 

  • The loan is triple checked and certified for investment by a credit institution. 

  • Then the Compliance and Credit Risk department of FAST INVEST approves the creditor's conditions. 

  • The loan is added to our Loan List. 

  • The borrower makes monthly repayments based on the terms defined in the loan agreement and payment schedule. 

  • The payments received are then divided into individual payments for each investor who has invested in that loan. 

  • The size of the payment an investor receives is based on how much they invested into that loan. 

  • Investor (in this case, YOU) start receiving payments as soon as the borrower starts repaying the loan. This includes both the principal sum and the interest

As you see, we have some genuine processes out here. Just a short reminder, the FAST INVEST platform has loans with up to 18% interest rate. Let's roll!

Now, I hope you have a clue about the P2P Alternative Investment Platform and its digestion system. Still, you are a NEWBIE and would like to understand further processes. May I continue with the topic of Financial Literacy?

By the way, if you want to read more about Alternative Investment, please check the sources below.

Sources: Alternative Investment 


Financial literacy is a big deal. 

Our society has an understanding that to achieve security in retirement, people need to have the confidence and ability to make well-informed and lasting decisions about their finances throughout their lives. Nevertheless, only a fraction of households feel confident about retirement savings, and one-third of adults in their late 50s say they have failed to develop any retirement savings plan.

What is responsible for the low level of retirement preparedness? The absence of financial education is one critical role in retirement security. In this case, we must take the bull by the horns and change our mindsets and behaviours regarding financial literacy over the long term. Make it personal! Financial literacy describes the ability to make informed judgments and to take practical actions regarding the current and future use and management of money. It includes the ability to understand financial choices, plan for the future, spend money wisely, and manage the challenges associated with life events such as a job loss, saving for retirement, or paying for a child's education.

So, one of the best financial choices for the smart person is understanding the notion of passive income and financial freedom. This understanding leads to the P2P Alternative Investment Platform, and it would be a next MUST rule - FAST INVEST.

By the way, if you want to read more about Financial Literacy, please check the sources below.

Sources: Financial Literacy

I know you are very curious to get FAST INVEST personally, and the following is the article of faith and very substance of us.

FAST INVEST philosophy

FAST INVEST platform is a state of the art financial tool. Our engine helps society to build passive income streams and to achieve financial freedom in the short term. 

Our vision to develop a smart and financially responsible community that contributes to the common good. By this, we mean not the latest phones, cars, or luxury watches. Material attributes play a secondary role in our mindset. The most significant investment is a self-development, the ability to allocate resources responsibly and rationally. 

FAST INVEST has an intention to inspire people and be always ready to pursue bigger goals. The concept is based on the symbiosis of a responsible act, altruistic notion, and academic discipline. This particular harmony builds a broader context and awareness of our presence in our society. To be a part of the community is a unique inclusion, and it is something bigger than you alone.

Responsible citizens of society - this is the key attribute of luxury.

Do you like this philosophy? Find out, are you able to invest with us?

FAST INVEST Eligibility

FAST INVEST understands its value, and we know our key audience. As mentioned in our philosophy, we would like to partner with value-minded investors. Investment is a delicate process, and trustful allies must surround you.

FAST INVEST platform has its own rules, and before joining us, you should know some directions. To become an Investor at our platform, here is the list of MUST:

  • must be a resident or national of the supported countries mentioned in the list (EU/EEA), 

  • must be 18 years and older, have a valid email address, mobile phone number, and a bank account in your name opened in the European Economic Area (EEA). 

Europe: Andorra, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Switzerland, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Germany, Denmark, Estonia, Spain, Finland, France, Gibraltar, Greenland, Greece, Croatia, Hungary, Ireland, Israel, Iceland, Italy, Liechtenstein, Luxemburg, Monaco, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Sweden, Slovenia, Slovakia, San Marino, Turkey, Vatican City, Serbia, Montenegro. 

Arab States: United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Qatar. Asia&Pacific: Australia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, India, Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, New Zealand, Singapore. 

Africa: South Africa. 

Americas: Brazil. 

If you are not national from the EEA countries, you must be a RESIDENT OF EU/EEA and are required to provide your resident permit for verification.

If you are not on the list, don't be disappointed, we are expanding pretty fast and looking forward to opening new markets. If you on the list, congrats! I supposed you are ready to invest some money, but before you should deposit into your account some cash.

Please, read the following instructions thoroughly. 


To comply with anti-money laundering requirements, every deposit you make must come from your bank account. For our user's convenience, we've added several ways to access our ADD FUNDS page. 

When you're logged in, you'll be able to access it via the MENU or ACCOUNT OVERVIEW page. 

Once you're in the ADD FUNDS page, all you need to do is copy-paste:

  1. The Beneficiary

  2. IBAN

  3. Swift Code

  4. Payment Details/Purpose into your bank's New Transfer details

  5. and then Confirm the Payment. 

Once our CUSTOMER SUPPORT team has approved your transaction, the funds will be added, and you can start investing. 

*NOTE: bank transactions usually take 1-3 business days to be processed. This transaction time might change depending on different banks.


Once you make a BANK TRANSFER and add funds to your account, you can start investing with loans from an 18% interest rate. 

  • Filter all the loans on the LOAN LIST according to your individual needs. 

  • Select preferences according to terms, currency, amount, interest rate, and loan origin. 

  • Using our intuitive and straightforward AUTO INVEST feature, you can set your choices according to portfolio size, maximum investment per loan, projected interest, time of maturity, etc. 

  • Once this is done, our AI system will continuously select and invest in loans that meet your specifications. 

Remember, you can alter the settings or stop your portfolio at any time by visiting the AUTO INVEST portfolio list in your account. You can check your investment portfolio at any time by going to the My Investment page. All AUTO INVEST loans are marked with the AUTO INVEST symbol.

*NOTE: To guarantee the immediate successful withdrawal of funds from the FAST INVEST account, investors must confirm their identity.

Transfers are added to your FAST INVEST account in 1-2 working days as soon as we receive it on our end depending on the banks itself If your funds are still not added to your FAST INVEST account, please send a copy of your transfer statement to and we will look into it.​

Congratulations! You are THE INVESTOR!!! Be patient and build your passive income stream towards financial freedom. Furthermore, I would love to share some clarification about our technicalities.


Why do you want to reveal all our secrets? It is not fair :) It looks like you craving to find out some details about our top-notch 18% interest rates. Let it be. You deserve it!

I would love to separate two kinds of fees:

  • Platform fees - 0 fees

  • Paying taxes for the profits


Currently, the FAST INVEST platform is free of charge, with no fees for deposits/withdrawals or selling. In case the company's policy changes, our customers will be informed in advance. 

Nevertheless, there is another side of investments - paying taxes on your profits. But you will be solely responsible for paying taxes on profits gained from your investments following the regulations of your country. So we recommend you consult your local tax office for advice. In addition, we promise no tax is being deducted from the interest received on the FAST INVEST platform. By the way, you can generate a general-purpose report for interest earned over the period and download it as PDF. Please go to Statistics section->Income Statement (select year) and export it to PDF.

Note: Bank charges may apply for deposits and withdrawals, contact your bank for the same.

Don't be scared, but mumbo jumbo is essential in the finance world. Keep concentrated and analyze the following paragraph.

Interest Rate FAST INVEST

Interest rates are directly related to a period of a loan. When the loan period is more than six months (e.g., 12 months), you will have an opportunity for investment with a more significant interest rate. E.g., you invest in eight months loan, which has a 13,5% interest rate. When the same loan turns to a 6-month period, the interest rate decreases until 9%. Still, it does not affect your investment because you signed the Assignment Agreement with a 13,5% interest rate for a more extended investment period than other clients. When you check your invested loan information in the loan list, you will see a lower interest rate for new investment, but you will get your interest payment as it was chosen at first (13,5%).

Brah, it's confusing, but this is how we roll here. I see you gained some tolerance for mumbo jumbo. Be patient and continue to transform information into knowledge.

BuyBack Guarantee FAST INVEST

Whenever a payment is more than 3 days overdue, our BuyBack Guarantee is triggered. The repayment (principal + interest) is paid within 3 days if the loan is of a 3-day BuyBack guarantee. With a 7 and 15 days BuyBack guarantee, if the repayment is not made with the period, then the loan will be repurchased, and you will receive the whole outstanding principal and also accrued interest.

To be Continued...

I think this is quite enough for the first time of knowledge infusion. Relax, take a deep breath, have a nice walk in the woods, and keep grinding. The longer you're prepared to stay invested, the higher the chance your investments will yield positive returns. It is vital not to be distracted by the daily interferences, but to stay focused on the bigger picture.

Text: The Art of Investment - FAST INVEST