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Remuneration for Over-Pending Payouts

You simply can't fit a gallon of desires into a quart container. And yet we continually try to do just that. What we need is a different approach. A bigger bottle would also help. FAST INVEST understands it's frustrating waiting so long for the pending payouts. It should be so much quicker in today's day and age, with a given technology. As you know, the eye of the master will do more work than both his hands. This is why FAST INVEST introduces a different approach.

Text: Exclusive Feature

FAST INVEST introduces a special remuneration for delays. We promise an exclusive bonus for you if any stall is experienced, and your payout has not proceeded within seven days. We granted you the 0.01% from the requested transaction, starting from the 8th day and adding the initial amount continuously every next day till the payout will be delivered. This applies and for the recently requested pending payouts.

Text: What is Lag Ante

For instance, if you request a payout of €1000 and we have delays with the process precisely 18 days, you will be awarded €1 for ten days' delay. You think it's not very worthwhile, but in other words, it's an annual 3.65% interest rate for your investment

We named this remuneration as a "Lag Ante," and you can find all the details (i.e., added amount and number of days delayed) placed at the STATEMENT section within your dashboard. For clarity, the indication of "Lag Ante" will appear in transaction details if we will exceed the default time-frame with another pending payout.

Text: How to Earn 100K in 5 Years?

By the way, FAST INVEST prepared an excellent example of how you can profit with the FAST INVEST platform.

Now and then, you hear stories of people who managed to increase their wealth dramatically over a few years, and you think (with a slight hint of bitterness), 'Some people get lucky.' But what if we told you that you could grow your money from a humble €10k to €100k in just five years?

Sounds like some marketing hoax, doesn't it? But it isn't. It's the perfect combination of commitment to contribute to your financial future and a generous annual interest rate. Let's find out how it can be done. 

Text: The Art of Investment - FAST INVEST