Investors at the FAST INVEST platform can now, with more precision, automate their investment strategy and invest quickly and conveniently. AUTO INVEST reduces the time spent on reinvesting available funds, allows achieving a high level of diversification, and reaching optimal return by planning the duration of the investments.

There are multiple reasons why a person may want to start investing and suddenly comes the time when the money is needed to fulfilling the set of goals. 

Set of goals: early retirement, essential purchases, self-discipline to become financially responsible


With P2P investments, the investor buys parts of many loans. This entitles to receive portions of the payments made by the respective borrowers. These payments occur throughout the whole month, and the investor gets a flow of money on the account daily. This money stays in the account, and if these funds are not put to work again, they become “idlers”. If you want to achieve higher returns, it’s good to reinvest available funds:

Benefits of reinvesting available funds: repaid principal and interest amount

Until now, FAST INVEST investors could set up the AUTO INVEST portfolio which would reinvest their principal for achieving consistent interest returns, while leaving the interest for using for different aims.

If the investors wanted to reinvest interest, they had to spend a few minutes a day to do it. While reinvesting “manually” is beneficial for people new to P2P investing, for the more experienced ones, it is a routine activity that is worth automating. Manual investing gives you the freedom to “micromanage” your portfolio and perform a detailed check on every loan you’re investing in.

Nevertheless, you have to spare a reasonable amount of time to log in every day and scan for loans that match your criteria. If you have a more substantial free capital to invest, manual investing will be a tedious task and might take you a significant amount of time. With the current update of the AUTO INVEST tool, it’s possible to reinvest the interest for letting it compound and to set the duration of the investments. You don’t have to log in each day - you set up these features and then forget about it. The tool will stop to invest whenever you plan to. For example, if you’re saving your money for an important purchase that you should be able to make after 2 years, you can activate your portfolio for exactly two years, and the tool will make sure that your money will be available for your different goals on the set time. 

Money makes money

An investor can apply all the currently available filters to select loans from the marketplace on the AUTO INVEST section at the FAST INVEST platform. After defining the following preferences, the investor can activate AUTO INVEST and start investing.

Available filters to select loans from the marketplace on the AUTO INVEST tool

Another advantage of AUTO INVEST is that it helps you evade the so-called “cash drag.” Cash drag is the phenomenon where you hold a certain amount of your free funds in cash, and it doesn’t receive any exposure to the market. In simpler words – you invest, earn some money, and then keep the funds in the account not reinvested. With AUTO INVEST, you can automatically reinvest your repayments and earnings, and then make even more from the compound interest! The compound interest is a great way to scale your profits; it’s an interest that is being earned from previously received interest – your received interest makes more money, and you didn’t have to work for it. 

Invest with FAST INVEST for Great Returns

Banks collect deposits and lend to clients of their choice. With the FAST INVEST platform, you decide who is the client of your choice. Of course, banks take all the risk, and for a depositor, no risk makes barely any returns: 0.01%. What if you could earn 9-13% by investing in loans of your choice?

We would like to quickly remind you that if you want your money to earn you extra money, you have to invest it. With us, you can receive 13% annually! Besides, we're mitigating investment-related risks with BuyBack and RePayment Guarantees. It easy to start investing with the FAST INVEST. Merely pick the loans from the loan lists to arrange a portfolio or choose the AUTO INVEST tool. Your money will work for you to make more money.