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The Art of Investment

The pursuit of happiness is one of the most important driving forces in our society. Being happy and content is the primary human goal. Nothing in life is better than finding the source of perpetual happiness - a rounded fulfillment. Most people would say that money can't buy happiness, but when it comes to financial freedom or passive income stream, funds are crucial. Making smart and diversified investments while you can is a vital part of accumulating a comfortable future pot. Your financial freedom rests on your ability to make intelligent decisions when it comes to managing money. With the savings interest rates in the gutter, it's no longer enough to be saving every cent. It's time to make those cents venture out and multiply.

Simona Vaitkune - FAST INVEST

Lessons from the History

Should we learn from our global past or assume that bygone periods affect only others and never us? We all understand that lessons from history could stop us from making the same old mistakes, but in general, somehow, some part of humankind chooses the hard way again and again. Nevertheless, there is a counterpart, a rebel, who tries to resist and innovate the system. Back in the days, during the last global financial crisis in 2008, we had one part of society with a different approach to finances. The thing is, that while Millennials didn't seem to be living up to other people's expectations, they were doing things their own way, and like it or not, that's how society evolves. And one of the things that Millennials was doing better than anyone else - investing in consumer finance.

Consumer Finance Model

The consumer finance model developed following the global financial crisis. While the hard-pressed banks reined in their lending, a vast number of potential borrowers found themselves devoid of options. They needed funds to grow small businesses, to buy new cars to be able to get to work, or to re-decorate homes to welcome new babies. Still, because they lacked the significant collateral the banks suddenly required, they found themselves at a loss. Consumer lending put the financial control back into the hands of the public – and so far, those hands have proved to be far more trustworthy than the big financial institutions! Despite all the nay-sayers and the accusations of ineptitude, it's Millennials who are leading the way in this financial revolution.

Covid-19 Leadership

How could you call the consequences of COVID-19 on the economy? I would not name this impact as a crisis. I say it is a new ambiance, new environmental behavior in the world. And we need to adopt or invent ourselves in new ways because humanity became very vulnerable in many aspects. We transformed ourselves into hypersensitive, defenseless political correct diplomats. We trust the given system and follow it. Is it not sound a bit with a sense of pity? For me, COVID-19 is a litmus paper. It is going to reveal how we react to inconveniencies and awkwardness. Let's enable ourselves to be ready for the future now, while the consumer lending model is approaching the brightest decade.

Ensure Your Future

The truth is, nothing comes with ease and lack of effort. Don't be naive! 

There is no secret that the financial world is a challenging field that requires a lot of knowledge and practice. Even with the tremendous progress in financial services, you must know how to plan and invest your funds on your own. Everything comes with knowledge and experience, the same way you mature with each balance sheet. There is no quick money. You have to start building your financial authority by reading some financial content. Only after you feed yourself with the wisdom of financial magic and understand the financial terms and investment jargon, you will make the right steps forward your financial freedom. FAST INVEST encourages every investor to grow their knowledge about investments and how to make the investment as an art, not as a game.

DIY-P2P Alternative Investment Platform

With interest rates still, pitiably low, there's little wonder that savers are looking for new, low-risk ways to make their money work. Taking those first few steps away from the safety of the stagnating bank account and into the more vibrant realm of speculation can be scary for the DIY investor, so unless you're a secret thrill-seeker searching for a little jeopardy to get your kicks, it's important to find an investment medium that can deliver comfortable returns without also delivering a daily heart attack.

P2P alternative investments are not inherently risk-free. Neither does it guarantee a high rate of return. As an investor, you have to play your part. It's down to you to research what's available; to look at the fees and securities that are on offer; to spread your investments to avoid having them be swallowed whole by an unsuccessful venture, and to utilize the tools available to you. If, however, you do all of these things, you stand a perfect chance of making yourself a passive income that's really worth the having. Give it time, reinvest your interest, make every cent work for you, and before too long, your original 100 will have numerous new friends to play with.

Key Attribute of Luxury

FAST INVEST platform is a state of the art financial tool. Our engine helps society to build passive income streams and to achieve financial freedom in the short term. Our vision to develop a smart and financially responsible community that contributes to the common good. By this, we mean not the latest phones, cars, or luxury watches. Material attributes play a secondary role in our mindset. The most significant investment is a self-development, the ability to allocate resources responsibly and rationally. FAST INVEST has an intention to inspire people and be always ready to pursue bigger goals. The concept is based on the symbiosis of a responsible act, altruistic notion, and academic discipline. This particular harmony builds a broader context and awareness of our presence in our society. To be a part of the community is a unique inclusion, and it is something bigger than you alone.

Responsible citizens of society - this is the key attribute of luxury.

Simona Vaitkune - FAST INVEST

Financial Freedom

So is it really wise to rely on your salary to be your one and only income stream? Think about it. It might all seem reasonable now - you might have a job you love, friendly colleagues, and a great boss. But what does the future hold? You never know. Especially with such a simple and, at the same time, scary matter as COVID-19. That's why it's essential to have a plan B in case you get fired or get sick and can't work anymore. And even if you are fortunate to not get fired or get sick, you are going to get old, and you will eventually have to retire. Are you ready for it? It's likely that when you retire, you'll face an income drop of up to 50%. Taking a strategic approach planning for retirement and expanding wealth by adding new investment products to the mix is what will eventually save the future pensioners from money worries. If you haven't made your calculations yet, it's about time! Investing with the FAST INVEST P2P Alternative Investment platform provides a great way to gradually build up a reliable income stream that can complement your salary or your future funds. Start investing now. It's better to be safe than sorry!

The Art of Investment - FAST INVEST