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How to Succeed with the FAST INVEST Platform?

While, when it comes to any form of investing, there is no fail-safe formula, there are steps that you can take to first, protect your assets, and second, to increase your chances of a worthwhile return. Some of these steps can be applied in broad brushstrokes to all forms of investments; others are more specific to P2P. If there is one single golden rule of investment success, it has to be diversification. While everyone knows the adage of not putting all of one's eggs into a single basket, it can be easy to forget the sense of this when you think that you've found a killer investment. The thing is, even if something looks like a sure bet, you can't be 100% certain that it's going to succeed, so even though, for example, we're entirely positive that the FAST INVEST is going to be a huge success. This is not just a shallow saying, and we can prove it.

Values and Perks

The idea that brands should add value to their customers' purchases and transactions is a popular one. It's probably one of the most commonly talked about strategies for pleasing customers and keeping them around. FAST INVEST has a goal to make investors as happy as possible. With a high-interest rate, our guarantees, and other perks, we build a safe and profitable ecosystem for the exclusive route to financial freedom. 

High-Interest Rates

Peer-to-peer lending has become an area of interest for yield-seeking investors in recent years as savings and bond rates continue to disappoint. Many peer-to-peer investors report annual investment returns of greater than 10 percent. At FAST INVEST, our investors accomplish an average 11.94% interest rate, and our top selected loans hit even higher - up to 18%.

Agile Investments

FAST INVEST offers unique bi-currency investments in EUR and PLN. Our investors have a possibility to eliminate fluctuations of foreign exchange rates and, therefore, the currency risk if they are from the EURO area or POLAND.

Investment Diversification

Diversification is a battle cry for many financial planners, fund managers, and individual investors alike. It is a management strategy that blends different investments in a single portfolio. The idea behind diversification is that a variety of investments will yield a higher return. It also suggests that investors will face a lower risk by investing in different loans. FAST INVEST provides investments ranges across five countries: PL, DK, ES, RU, IS – this enables our investors to diversify the risk of the portfolio.

BuyBack Guarantee

All loans come with 60-days BuyBack Guarantee. If the borrower delays the payment by 60-days, which eliminates the borrower risk since investors receive their accumulated interest and principal anyway.

Auto Invest

FAST INVEST investors could set up the AUTO INVEST portfolio, which would reinvest their principal, interest, or both. You don't have to log in each day - for achieving consistent compound interest returns, you set up these features and then forget about it. The tool will stop to invest whenever you plan to. 

Zero Default

FAST INVEST working continuously with NO DEFAULTS from the very beginning of business establishment in 2015.

Eight Languages

FAST INVEST platform accessible in 8 different languages (EN, DE, FI, PL, IT, ES, FR, PT) for the convenience of our investors'. 

Customer Service

Our top-notch ninjas solve problems in seconds. They fight for customers' satisfaction intensively and nourish the relationship. If needed, a personal account manager is ready to tell you more about investment specifics and possibilities, explain the FAST INVEST platform, or discuss investment strategies. 

100% of Investors are in Profit

Some investors typically lose when investing. Maybe this is even happening to you, where it seems like any investment you make instantly starts moving in the wrong direction. With the FAST INVEST platform, our investors have a secure and profitable tool to build a stream of passive income for their financial freedom. From 2015 until this day, all of our investors were in profit. 

Maximise Your Returns

We still wouldn't tell you to put every last penny into it, only because it doesn't make good business sense to put all of your assets in one place. Diversification can spread your risk so thinly that if done correctly, any potential losses will be absorbed entirely by your gains, so you won't even notice that they've happened unless you look into the paperwork in detail. So, if you're thinking of starting investing with 100, split it between five different opportunities – whether five P2P loans or a mixture of digital and fiat options – that way, if one fails, the other four will cushion the blow.

Depending on the type of investment that you opt for, there are also a variety of tools available to help maximize your return. Many people prefer to retain complete control of their assets, which is fine, but if you're leading a busy life, you can often miss out. Auto Invest tool – such as the one developed by FAST INVEST – use algorithms to recognize new potential investments based upon user's pre-selected criteria. This means that your money is never idle – in P2P, for example, when your monthly return gets paid, it can be automatically reinvested in a new opportunity, and thus your income continues to grow, while you continue to go about your regular business. It's one of the quickest ways to generate a passive income.

Equation for Efficiency

Once you've settled on your investments, your focus needs to shift to your net return; this is how you will be able to ascertain whether your strategy is working. Because P2P is a slightly slow-burner (although most contracts are only 1-12 months) it's best to leave a short time before studying your returns; twelve to eighteen months is ideal, as this will give your original investment time to mature and complete, so you're able to take an overview of the entire cycle.

Carry out the following equation:

  • Take the current value of your assets and deduct the original value (or the value at the start of the time you're reviewing), then minus any fees incurred.
  • Divide this figure by the original value, then multiply that by 100%.
  • That will give you your basic rate of return. For your true net return, however, you will also need to deduct the rate of inflation for the investment period.

This equation will show you exactly what your investment has given you in real terms, allowing you to make an informed decision about whether this form of investment is working for you. There are lots of external factors that will influence the above, many of them will be entirely out of your control – such as the economy and the borrowers you're working with – but one of the biggest influencers is one that you can manipulate; the platform you are investing through.

Smart Choices: Profitable Investments

P2P alternative investments are not inherently risk-free. Neither does it guarantee a high rate of return. As an investor, you have to play your part. It's down to you to research what's available; to look at the fees and securities that are on offer; to spread your investments to avoid having them be swallowed whole by an unsuccessful venture, and to utilize the tools available to you. If, however, you do all of these things, you stand an excellent chance of making yourself a passive income that's worth the having. Give it time, reinvest your interest, make every cent work for you, and before too long, your original 100 will have numerous new friends to play with.

Customer Comes First

FAST INVEST is putting a massive amount of efforts to deliver as best service as possible for you. Every day we are challenging ourselves to make impossible possible and much much more. From the very first day of business, we reached over €58 million in total investment and repaid over €2 million in interests. Here, at FAST INVEST customer comes first, and we appreciate trust. We feel a solid partnership, and we intend to bring customers experiences to the next level!