As you have probably noticed with our final update, we are introducing a lot of cool changes in our web platform. The primary goal of all the implemented change is the more user-friendly system.
First thing first - the header of the page. We changed it a bit - introducing new sections LOG IN and REGISTER. Many of you asked that we diversified and simplified this part - so we did. Clicking on it, you will immediately link to the second page, where you would be met with newly designed entered point.

The Homepage. The homepage now consists of several new layers. The first thing you notice is the awesome double bar, which allows users to scroll and choose the amount and the timeframe for investing your money. Our algorithm automatically sums the amount you will earn.

Sliding down you will find the Loan List, which we updated. In this case - simplified version is available for the casual user, and if a need is present, you can click on the LOAN LIST and be transferred to the second page in which you will find various filter available for your usage.

Continuing The Homepage, you probably noticed two new sections: NEWS and BLOG.

Our idea behind it is that now you can browse through Fintech news as you enjoy your passive income, earned by investing in our platform. There is also currency value, updated straight from Europe Central Bank.

Other updated section is CONTACT US form. Let’s be honest - it was pretty old and outdated. Now it is simplified, more precise and user-friendly.

I guess this is it, for now, stay connected and have fun investing in our platform.