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Through the Customer Engagement Towards Progress: FAST INVEST case

As a P2P Alternative Investments company, FAST INVEST understands the essence of customer engagement and empathetic listening of every insight or concern. But why is this important? Why do so many companies ignore the importance of engaging with customers, bloggers, or any other stakeholders? Perhaps because they do not understand the positive repercussions of this relationship and engagement. When done right, customer engagement could effectively amplify the tone of communication, brand message, or even helps to integrate customers' recommendations into practice. In fact, engaging with bloggers or customers should be one of the top priorities because this target audience is exceptionally committed and, therefore, more influenced by calls to action. 

Community Manager

Time to time, our Community Manager brings all the gossips, judgments, insights, and concerns from the social media on the table. Dealing with a particular audience is a robust and time-sensitive job. Nevertheless, this process is enriching and encourages growth. By nature, bloggers are writers and storytellers. They can create compelling content that supports the brand and highly recommends it to their audience. They have built a dedicated group of followers because people care about the stories they tell and are interested in what they have to say. Whether they are recommending or carrying out a review of the product, when done right, they can understand a brand's story better than anyone.

Brand Credibility

We know that people find it hard to trust brands, especially when you are small and growing—audiences like the personal touch and close connection with representatives or ambassadors. Today's society is built off word-of-mouth recommendations. Therefore, adding authenticity to the message is critical as it makes you stand out from the crowd by allowing your sensitivity, empathy, and reliability. FAST INVEST enables communication, which helps engage our ideal audience by providing information about the company to the target audience. This is how we understand how to earn credibility with the people who matter most to us.

Effectiveness Tips

Do you know the saying? "If you don't understand the details of your business or don't listen to your stakeholders, you are going to fail." Mentioned reasons are fundamental for growth. It's the little details that are vital. Little things make big things happen. The following list presents the most recent updates of FAST INVEST inspired by our most loved investors:

Payout Expected Date

FAST INVEST brought some clarity into the money withdrawal procedure. In essence, an expected date indication appears on the payouts page (until when the payout should be processed) after you request a withdrawal. 

ID Verification

FAST INVEST is putting a vast amount of effort into delivering the best and safest service for you. We improved and strengthened our ID verification process, which includes the following steps: Take a photo of your ID document, capture a selfie, take a picture of your document with your address.

Special Terms for Loyalty

If you want to invest more money, please let us know, and your personal account manager could propose an exclusive and significant cashback.

Loan with 18% ROI

Springtime is for joy and happiness. Let's make a profit with 18% ROI investments and build financial freedom together with the FAST INVEST platform.

Upgraded Statements

Precision is critical for success. FAST INVEST is offering more options for a clean data presentation at the STATEMENT section. This visual perception enables our investors to make sharp and adequate investment decisions.

Customer Support

If you can speak to a broader audience, that means your platform offers better service to more prospects. Our platform attracts more and more investors from a variety of different countries. One of the most recent waves has joined us from the Iberian Peninsula and West Europe. Especially, Portuguese and Spaniard's investors are enormously active and playing big. They see our platform as a progressive tool to build a stream for passive incomes and create financial freedom. This is the reason; we introduced Spanish and Portuguese languages to our customer support service.

Cancel Payout

You can immediately undo your payout request if you changed. The money will be transferred to your balance, and you will be able to invest in loans with an 18% ROI. Let's build a passive income stream with a FAST INVEST platform.

Expanded FAQ Section

FAST INVEST is giving customers as much information online as possible – and the tools to self-serve, but in some cases, many issues occur you can not predict. In general, companies are still getting FAQs wrong, and the costs of neglecting this section of the website can be higher than you imagine. This is why we are upgrading the FAQ section and improving customer service continually.

Referral Campaign

FAST INVEST introduced a solid referral campaign by the name - "APPROVED BY FRIEND." We trust tastemakers and their experiences on any services or products. We listen to them and taking into account all the recommendations. So, this is your time to earn money from your unique engagement with the FAST INVEST platform. You are the one who discovered some awesome perks with us and now eager to share it with your friends. Let's make a profit with your pals and show them a perfect way how to build financial freedom! The campaign is valid until the end of April. 

Auto Invest

FAST INVEST investors could set up the AUTO INVEST portfolio, which would reinvest their principal for achieving consistent interest returns while leaving the interest for using for different aims. Besides, an investor can choose loans with or without MoneyBack.


To listen and respond to what your engaged stakeholders write and discuss about the brand is essential. FAST INVEST is building this relationship and trying to keep in line with all recommendations to make the platform as effectively as possible. We have to show up and pay attention to details, embracing the process of hard work, and developing our engine to strive for greatness.

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