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Multilingual Customer Support: FAST INVEST in enhancing service engagement 

Nowadays, P2P Alternative Investment Platforms target customers in hundreds of countries at once. And thanks to a fully localized customer experience, investors are becoming more comfortable with using international services. But providing support in multiple languages is much harder than delivering a product in various languages. Localization is pretty much a one-off process and easily quantified: you know exactly how many pages, screens, and experiences you'll have to translate. Support is all about exceptions to the norm: it's the constant challenge of dealing with the unexpected on a timescale dictated by the investor.
Text: New Languages
FAST INVEST comprehends that 80% of investors desire care in their language or that 72% of customers are more likely to use service when information is available in their language. Providing multilingual customer support is not only a good engagement sense. If you can speak to a broader audience, that means your platform offers better service to more prospects. Our platform attracts more and more investors from a variety of different countries. One of the most recent waves has joined us from the Iberian Peninsula and West Europe. Especially, Portuguese and Spaniard's investors are enormously active and playing big. They see our platform as a progressive tool to build a stream for passive incomes and create financial freedom. This is the reason; we introduced Spanish and Portuguese languages to our customer support service.
Text: Enhancing Customer Engagement
Furthermore, FAST INVEST is giving customers as much information online as possible – and the tools to self-serve, but in some cases, many issues occur you can not predict. In general, companies are still getting FAQs wrong, and the costs of neglecting this section of the website can be higher than you imagine. This is why we are upgrading the FAQ section and improving customer service constantly.
Also, providing multilingual customer support is excellent for brand reputation. With recent enhancements, FAST INVEST shows a commitment to the investor and aftercare. We preserve our reputation and building engagement as a trusted brand that cares.
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