FAST INVEST is required by law to verify all our customers’ details. Customers whose personal details cannot be automatically verified by us must provide further documentation. Verification must be completed before we can allow funds to be withdrawn to private bank accounts.

Three easy steps to FAST INVEST client verification


First you need to confirm your phone number. All you need to do is enter your number, and we’ll automatically send you an SMS with a unique code.


To register, you’ll need to confirm your email. We’ll send you an email with a link in it, and you should click the link to activate.


You’ll then need to verify your identity by sending us a copy of an identification document. In some cases, our system administrators might ask you to submit a second document.

Extra anti-fraud measures for complete security

Each user can only make money transfers from/to their own bank account, which has to be in their own name.

If a user makes a payment of more than €10k, one of our customer service representatives will contact them to verify this transaction.

To prevent fraud, our monitoring system checks each user’s activity log. All cases which look suspicious are sent to our security department for detailed inspection. If any fraud is detected, the user’s account is immediately disabled.

All confidential information is accessible only to high-level professionals.

Tips for a faster identity verification process

Requirements for ID cards or passports

  • The ID must be of the highest quality, and contain a photo.
  • It must be valid for more than 6 (six) months.
  • Our system tracks the validity of each user’s ID. If it is valid for less than 6 months, our system administrator will issue a letter of notice and the user must then submit a second ID for verification.

How to provide a high-quality document

The process is quick and simple.

  • Take a colour photograph or scan your passport identification page - and don’t forget to include any other pages that contain passport information.
  • Don’t crop the image (eg. cut corners, block out parts). Try to ensure there is a clear border on all sides of the image before you photograph it.
  • Do not use a flash.
  • Lay your document on a flat surface and photograph it from above.
  • Don’t obstruct the ID in any way (make sure your fingers aren’t covering any part of the document) * Accepted file types: .bmp, .jpg, .pdf