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BuyBack Guarantee

When you are investing in a loan, isn’t there a risk that the borrower won’t pay back the money? Not with FAST INVEST. We offer a BuyBack Guarantee, which means that if an installment is overdue by 3 days, we step in and make the payment to you ourselves. So you never have to worry about receiving your payments on time.

Default guarantee

MoneyBack Guarantee

Being in control of our finances is something we all need. That’s why we have added a MoneyBack Guarantee to our investment platform. And it couldn’t be simpler - if, for whatever reason, you need to access the money you have invested, you can get it back from us in 24 hours. We offset the loans you have invested in, so there’s no need for you to put it on a secondary market and wait nervously for someone to buy it. The result is that you know you can access your money whenever you need it.

BuyBack guarantee

No secondary market

Probably, the most important thing while investing your money is an ability to get it back when you need it. It is standard practice in the P2P Investment market to offer a high-interest rate for investors; however, it comes with a catch - if you want to get back your investment before official time, you have to sell it on a secondary market.

secondary market
secondary market

FAST INVEST is innovative FinTech company

FAST INVEST is an innovative FinTech company that has built a sustainable and scalable model of investment. Our platform enables customers to earn returns from 9% up to 16% of annual interest rate.

We never stop improving our technology, credit analysis and industry to provide a better and more appropriate risk-adjusted financial system, which enables us to choose only the best loan portfolios.

Innovative bank

How to start investing with FAST INVEST platform?

All you have to do is register for your free account, add funds, and start investing in the loans that fit your priority.

You can start investing from only €1, moreover, we have no investment limit. Our team has created couple of cool tools to help you out, such as Auto Invest and Reinvest tools.

After finishing the investment term you are welcome to request payout directly to your personal Bank account. It’s that easy.

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The main idea that leads us towards is to think big and act fast approach. Our team of 25 young and driven professionals built a business with more than 30k customers mainly from the EU markets in just 4 years.

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