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6 reasons to become FIT token holder:

A limited number of token holders will become Fast Invest crypto account users;

Access to all crypto services on the same platform;

Exchange cryptocurrency to other digital or fiat currencies, using a web or mobile app;

Complete transparency in terms of client data and transactions;

Fast Invest tokens will be traded on global exchanges;

No client identification required.

Executive summary

Fast Invest is expanding its platform to a new type of infrastructure which makes use of blockchain technology to offer a broader range of financial products. We are creating a digital banking system while prioritizing the investment sector to help people generate secure and stable passive income streams and thereby achieve financial freedom. Fast Invest will provide investment solutions which differ from traditional options, such as real estate, private equity, and other structured finance products. We want to create an elegant, intuitive and straightforward alternative to current day-to-day banking habits, thereby avoiding convoluted bureaucracy.

We are creating a crypto community, allowing people to move money at a low cost and high speed. Platform users will have an opportunity to invest, borrow and exchange in both crypto and fiat currencies without having technical knowledge of crypto and blockchain technology, thus making Fast Invest a user- friendly, reliable, secure and accessible global platform.

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All in a single platform. Only for token holders.

Crypto investing


Digital wallet

Digital all-

Payment card


Crypto lending


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Meet the Team

Simona Vaitkune
Chief Executive Officer

Simona has a strong background in leadership and business development. Ms. Vaitkune previously managed successful lending and banking companies in Europe. With a background in business management and a degree in economics, she’s passionate about transforming the future of digital banking system and bringing investment closer to people.

Dom Ivanauskas
Chief Product Officer

Founder and Manager of several start-ups before FAST INVEST, Mr Ivanauskas led different teams to build highly-reliable products, with a focus on the end-user experience. Mad about UI and UX, he also studied international business and technologies at leading EU universities.

Paulius Tumosa
Chief Technical Officer

Former Senior Programmer at a leading credit company and current Chief Technology Officer at FAST INVEST, Mr Tumosa excels at and is deeply involved in the development and R&D of software-related investing systems, in either classic or smart contract Blockchain approaches.

Modestas Sereicikas
North America Manager

Mr. Sereicikas’ background extends well beyond sales experience, including time as one of the top corporate sales managers at BMW. While working in the automotive business, he cultivated a wide range of connections. With a bachelor’s degree in economics, Mr. Sereicikas is passionate about the aviation and blockchain industries.

Dovile Zili
Marketing Leader

With extensive experience in product branding and marketing, Ms. Zili has spent most of her career focused on global B2B marketing activities, working with digital agencies to successfully launch new campaigns. Also a seasoned entrepreneur, she has founded and sold several e-commerce ventures.

Ina Mosiejauskaite
Chief Analytics Manager

Ms. Mosiejauskaite holds a master’s degree in corporate law, although for the last 10 years she worked at one of Europe’s foremost logistics company. Her rich experience in communications and corporate law has allowed her to take on a strong leadership position in our company. We trust her analytical mind and strict as well as tactical decision making.

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Frequently asked questions


An ICO (Initial Coin Offering) is a new crowdsale concept in the cryptocurrency and Blockchain industries.

A FinTech company creates a plan (presented in a whitepaper) which states what the project is about, what needs the project will fulfil upon completion, what kind of services the company will provide.

First, you will need to create a MyEthereum wallet (myetherwallet.com). After successful creation, you will need to add funds in crypto currency, which you will later transfer to Fast Invest and in return receive your FIT token.

Participation in our crowdsale is simple and straightforward. Just watch the tutorial video we created especially for the occasion.

You don't need to create a Fast Invest account in order to participate in the ICO crowdsale.

In order to buy FIT tokens, you must send Ethereum digital currency to:

Wallet address: 0x624565a6c11A7356cCA32fC4F3a67fEDD747E49a

ATTENTION: this is the only REAL address, the one found on official fastinvest.com website. You can calculate how many tokens you will get for your Ethereum here: https://fastinvest.com/en/ico

Here is a list of Ethereum wallets that you can use to store your tokens and participate in token sales.

To participate in the Ethereum token sale you need a wallet website or a wallet app where you alone hold the private keys. Private keys are needed to correctly interact with smart contract functions, like transferring tokens.


Compatible wallets

The following wallets are known to be compatible with Ethereum tokens (ERC-20 standard):

MyEtherWallet (no download needed)
MetaMask (Firefox and Chrome browser addon)
Mist (Desktop)
Parity (Desktop)
imToken (iPhone)
imToken (Android)

More information here:

Creating a MyEthereum wallet is simple. Here is a step by step video to show you how.

Adding Ethereum digital currency to your MyEthereum account is simple. Here is the tutorial video to show you how.

Adding Bitcoin digital currency to your MyEthereum account is simple. Here is the tutorial video to show you how.

Total FIT tokens available: 777 000 000 FIT

Durinng the main ICO: 388 500 000 FIT

Minimal goal (soft cap): 38 850 000 FIT

FIT ICO value, SOFT CAP (10%): 1 ETH = 1 200 FIT

FIT ICO value: 1 ETH = 1 000 FIT

The recommended GAS limit is 300 000. Unused GAS will return to your wallet.

Enter this address in order to see the FIT tokens you have purchased:

Symbol: FIT
Decimals: 18

This ICO is not open nor available to participants in North America.

Why blockchain?

Classic database

Client-server network architecture. To make any changes, the user must have permissions that are stored in a centralized server. Control remains with administrators, who have central authority over information and data.

Blockchain database

Each participant maintains, calculates and updates new entries to the database. All nodes work together as one, providing build-in security network.

Centralized control

Anybody with sufficient access to the system can potentially destroy or corrupt the data within it. Users are entirely dependent on network administrators.

Everything depends on trust. If the central administrators fail in this regard, then users lose.

Decentralized control and transparency

Every member of the network's community uses the same “consensus mechanism” to verify every transaction made through the network.

This creates a unique, permanent audit trail. There is no single week point and no way to make modifications to transaction records.

History snapshots

Centralized databases store information that is updated in real time called a “snapshot”.

Completely private

Privacy is key. Some networks don’t even have internet access. A perfect way to store information you want to keep confidential, away from prying eyes.

Project timeline

Fast Invest is not just a company. We are an ambitious crew of dedicated people, who truly believe in our vision of becoming a global FinTech company. Today, with the emergence of blockchain technology we have the chance to reach out to the world and crowdfund the goal behind our dream.

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2015 1Q - European headquarters opened in the United Kingdom;

2015 1Q - Start of platform development;

2015 4Q - Fast Invest platform officially launched;

2015 4Q - Integration of the multi-currency digital wallet;

2016 1Q - Integration of the Currency Exchange Tool v1.0;

2016 1Q - Poland branch opened;

2016 1Q - Established a presence in Poland and Polish zloty integration;

2016 1Q - Established a presence in Finland;

2016 2Q - Established a presence in Germany;

2016 2Q - Lithuania branch opened;

2016 3Q - Fast Invest platform update v2.0;

2016 3Q - Auto Invest tool update v2.0;

2017 1Q - Established a presence in France;

2017 2Q - Established a presence in Spain;

2017 3Q - Italy branch opened;

2017 3Q - Established a presence in Italy;

2017 3Q - Fast Invest platform update v3.0;

2017 3Q - Auto Invest tool update v3.0;

2017 4Q - ICO Crowdsale;

2018 1Q - Mobile App for Android and iOS;

2018 2Q - Open a North American headquarters;

2018 2Q - Enter the United States and Canadian markets;

2018 3Q - Premium crypto-account for the FIT tokens holders community;

2018 3Q - Introduction of crypto-currencies;

2018 3Q - Integration of the Digital Currency Exchange Tool v2.0;

2018 4Q - Open a Hong Kong headquarters;

2018 4Q - Enter Hong Kong and Chinese markets;

2019 1Q - Introduction of a Premium Payment Card;

2019 2Q - Introduction of a Digital Investing Service;

2019 2Q - Open a Singapore branch;

2019 2Q - Enter Asian markets;

2019 3Q - Introduce a Digital Lending Service;

2019 4Q - Become a global digital banking company.

The Team behind the Project

We believe that a company is like an extended family. We spend more time at work than at home, which is why we have made our office a second home.

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