How to begin investing
on our platform

First step

Register for your free account

First step

To start investing in the FAST INVEST platform you need to register for a free user account. Registration is incredibly simple; it should take you no more than 5 min.

Second step

Add funds to your FAST INVEST account

Second step

Once you have created your user account, you can now add as much or as little money to your account as you like. Money is added via bank transfer, and the minimum investment amount is just €1.

Third step

Invest in a loan from our Loan List

Third step

With your account created and funds added, now you can start investing. You can search manually for the right loan to invest in - just click on ‘invest’ and follow the instructions when you find the loan that suits you best. Alternatively, you can use our Auto Invest tool, which will automatically invest your money into loans that meet the criteria you set.

Fourth step

Grow your passive income

Fourth step

Each month you will receive payments to your FAST INVEST account consisting of both principal and interest payments.

How our platform works



  • An applicant applies for a loan from a lending institution.
  • They prepare all the necessary documents and complete application forms.
  • The lending institution checks their documents and credit score, and performs a risk evaluation. If everything is satisfactory, the lending institution grants the loan.
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  • The loan is tripled checked and certified for investment by a credit institution.
  • Then the FAST INVEST Compliance and Credit Risk department approves the creditor’s conditions.
  • The loan is then added to our Loan List.
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  • The borrower makes monthly repayments based on the terms defined in the loan agreement and payment schedule.
  • The payments received are then divided into individual payments for each investor who has invested into that loan. The size of the payment an investor receives is based on how much they invested into that loan.
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  • You will start receiving payments as soon as the borrower starts repaying the loan. This includes both the principal sum and the interest for that period.
  • Funds are automatically transferred to your FAST INVEST account. If you want to make sure your money is always working for you, you can use the Auto Invest tool to automatically reinvest the funds you receive.
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