Here are some common questions about Fast Invest.


We are an innovative FinTech company that offers its customers the chance to invest in consumer-based loans issued in European countries. All loans in our marketplace come with Buyback and Default Guarantees.

At Fast Invest, we firmly believe that everyone should be given access to the digital investment world. Technology has evolved so much over the past few years creating a smoother, faster and more reliable money flow. Our mission is to enable cross-border investing for every European citizen. Our goal is to achieve this by building a stable, secure platform that makes it possible for users to invest in different countries, loan types and loan originators. Our users can select from the pool of listed loans and invest in those that match their preferences.

  1. A person applies for a loan at a loan originator and prepares all the necessary documents and fills in the appropriate forms. The loan originator checks the applicant's credit score, evaluates risk and grants the loan.
  2. Credit institutions provide the granted loans for investment. Fast Invest's Compliance and Credit Risk Department then approves the conditions of the credit agreement and puts them on our Loan List for investment.
  3. The borrower makes monthly repayments according to the terms in the credit agreement and the payment schedule. Payment instalments are divided proportionally according to the amount invested in that particular loan for every investor.
  4. As soon as the borrower whose loan you have invested in repays his loan, you will start receiving payments of both the principal sum and the interest for that investment period. Funds are automatically transferred to your Fast Invest account. You can reinvest those funds in any available loan using the Auto Invest tool.

Fast Invest's business model provides access to investors and makes secure investing simple and accessible for anyone interested in investments and innovative ways of earning. Our users can select from the pool of listed loans and invest in the one’s meeting their preferences, earning up to 14% in interest.

We can offer better terms than traditional banks because we exclude unnecessary intermediaries from the process, thus allowing investors to save money that would have been otherwise spent on commissions and fees for third party services.

Overall FinTech (Financial Technology) companies are more flexible in terms of rates and operational costs than other organisations in the traditional banking sector. FinTech companies operate in diverse groups and incur fewer expenses than the traditional banking sector, thus providing the opportunity to give back more significant returns to the people.

If a payment is overdue for more than 3 (three) days, the Default Guarantee comes into action. It takes 3 days for our investor to receive payment of both the principal sum and the interest for the investment period.

All taxation must meet the regulations in the investor's country of residence. Each investor is responsible for their funds and profit management on their own, independently. For more details, please contact the Tax bureau in your country.


  1. Fill in the investor's registration form.
  2. Add funds to your Fast Invest account.
  3. Choose a loan to invest in from the Loan List.
  4. According to the loan payment schedule, you will start receiving both repayments on the principal and the interest. Funds will be transferred to your Fast Invest account.

*NOTE: The investor must confirm his/her identity i order to request the immediate withdrawal of funds from the Fast Invest account to a personal bank account.

Investors must be at least 18 years old, have a valid email address and a personal bank account in their name in the European Union.

For the identification purposes, you must provide a national identification card (scanned or photographed both sides) or a passport (scanned or photographed).

There are three steps for Fast Invest client verification:

  1. The client must send a copy of his/her national identification document. If there are any questions or concerns relating to the identification of the client, our Compliance Office support team will request a second identification document and bill to successfully identify the client;
  2. The client receives an email which must be confirmed via the included link;
  3. The client must verify his/her phone number by entering the SMS code sent directly to his/her phone.

As additional security:

  • Our customer service representative will call the client three days after registration;
  • Clients can make payments only in his/her name and only to his/her personal bank account;
  • If a client initiates a payment of more than 10,000 EUR, one if our customer service representatives will contact the client to confirm the transaction;
  • If an online client session is idle for more than 30 min our system automatically logs the client out of his/her account;
  • Every 6 (six) months, the system requires the client to change his/her login password;
  • In order to prevent fraud, our monitoring system checks every clients' activity log, and all cases which look unsafe or suspicious are sent to our Robo-Advisor security department for detailed inspection;
  • All confidential information is visible only to high-level professionals.

Requirements for the ID card or passport:

  • The ID must be of excellent quality, in colour and with a picture;
  • Valid more than 6 (six) months;
  • Our system tracks our client`s ID validity. If the ID is valid for less than 6 months, our system administrator will send a notification letter to the client, who must submit a second ID document for verification. Until the second confirmation is complete, the client cannot perform any new operations.
  • These documents are required for complying with KYC (Know Your Customer) and AML (Anti-Money Laundering) regulations.

No, companies cannot register withFast Invest platform, or make investments. If you have any questions or requests, please submit them via our Contact Us form or send them directly to info@fastinvest.com.

We firmly believe that investments with FinTech platforms are less risky when compared to stock market investments. According to historical data from 2006-2017, when adequately diversified, your investment has a 99.9% probability of a positive return on a yearly basis.

The main risk to investors is that borrowers do not repay their loans. Fast Invest seeks to mitigate this risk in many ways:

  1. Excellence in underwriting: robust credit and affordability checks on all borrowers.
  2. Portfolio management: our Loan List is diversified across many borrowers of different types and channels.
  3. The Reserve Fund: if a borrower misses a payment, the loan originator reimburses the investor; if the loan goes into default, the loan originator takes over the credit and repays outstanding capital to the investors.


We are continually working on increasing and diversifying the loans we offer. Right now, our platform provides consumer-based loans issued across the European Union. Please visit our Loan List section and follow our updates on social media (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc.) to receive the latest updates.

All listed loans are 100% pre-funded by the Loan Originator.

Moreover, the Loan Originator keeps at least a 5% stake in every single deal, proving they have “skin in the game”.

On the Loan List, you can manually filter all listed loans, and manually pick the ones aligning with your preferences by determining: term, currency, amount, interest rate, and loan origin.

By using Auto Invest, you can create a portfolio, specifying specific parameters (portfolio size, maximum investment per loan, projected interest, time to maturity, etc.). Afterwards, our A.I. system will automatically select loans that meet your specified criteria and invests in available funds continuously. You can alter the settings or stop the portfolio at any time by visiting the Auto Invest portfolio list in your account.

You can check your investment portfolio at any time from the My Investment page or check the Account Statement page for full information on account transactions.

Auto Invest loans are marked with the symbol.

The deposit must always come from the investor’s personal bank account in order to comply with Anti-Money Laundering requirements.

For your convenience, we added several ways to access the ADD FUNDS page. While logged in, you will find it on the MENU or ACCOUNT OVERVIEW pages.

From the Add funds page, just copy and paste the beneficiary, IBAN, Swift code and payment details/purpose into the 'New Transfer details' field and confirm the payment.

After customer services has approved your transaction, the funds will be added to your account, and you will be able to start investing.

*NOTE: banking transactions usually take 2 (two) business days to execute. However, this may vary depending on the bank that the transaction is being made from.

We never stop improving our technology, credit analysis, and A.I system to provide a better and more appropriate risk-adjusted financial platform, which enables us to choose only the best loan portfolios and guarantees our clients safety at all times.

For additional safety, all loan applications are tested and approved by Fast Invest's BuyBack and Default Guarantees. All approved loans are marked by the and icons.

If you decide to stop investing in the selected loan and sell the investment (at any time before the scheduled full payment date), we will buy back your investment in 1 business day, guaranteed.

To sell your investment, just log in to your Fast Invest account, click the My Investment section, select the loan you would like to sell and click “sell”. After the Account Management Support Team has approved it, you will receive the funds in your Fast Invest investors account.*

*Note: always remember, when selling your investment ahead of time you will lose all interest earned through the process. However, you will get your invested funds back. The icon  indicates these payments secured by the BuyBack Guarantee.

If a payment instalment is overdue by 3 (three) or more days, our Default Guarantee will settle the arrears. The icon will mark these payments as paid by the Default Guarantee. Remember, the safety of your funds is our number one priority.

Currently, the Fast Invest platform is free of charge. In case company’s policy would change, our customers will be informed in advance.

Opening a Fast Invest Investor's Account: Free of charge

Servicing Fee: 0%

Loan sale via BuyBack: 0%

Withdrawal to bank account: Free of charge

(Bank commissions may apply)

Identity verification: Free of charge

Adding a bank account: Free of charge

(Bank commissions may apply)


There are 2 simple steps to get started: 1st - REGISTER ACCOUNT, and 2nd - ADD FUNDS (minimum transfer of 1 euro). When you have added money to your investor's account, you can start investing. There are two ways to invest with our platform - manual or automated.

  1. Manual Investment

    To invest manually, browse the Loan List, search for loans that are in-line with your preferences, and choose the amount you wish to invest. Confirm the investment and see your money work for you.

    When building a portfolio yourself, don’t hesitate to contact us with questions - we are here to help.

  2. Automated Investment

    We have created three different portfolios which you can use. By selecting them, all you have to do is enter the amount you want to invest. Interest rate and term are already set. You can choose from BEGINNER, PROFESSIONAL, and EXPERT.

    If you use the Custom Auto Invest Portfolio Investment option, we suggest splitting your investment up into several loans to diversify your portfolio.

    Auto Invest has some advantages over manual investing. By using Auto Invest, you can save time and ensure portfolio diversification. Just set the criteria that align with your investing preferences and the system will automatically invest in new loans appearing on the platform on your behalf.

As soon as a borrower has made repayment, the funds are transferred to all investors holding investments in that particular loan. Every transaction can be viewed in the ACCOUNT STATEMENT page. The sum of all your available funds is found on the Account Overview page. Repayments are scheduled to be made monthly, or even more frequently on some occasions, and you can find all the information on the particular loan on the MY INVESTMENT page.

Yes, you can. Once you have confirmed an investment, you cancel it using the BuyBack Guarantee. Fast Invest will buy your investment back from you, but you will lose any interest by doing so.

On the Fast Invest platform, there are no investment limits for individual investors. You can start investing with 1 Euro.

You can choose to invest in loans with a term ranging from 1 month up to 12 months.


  1. Login to your personal investor account.
  3. Make the desired changes.

*NOTE: once the account is verified, by default you cannot change: first name, last name, gender, birthday, nationality or email. Should you need to change that information, please contact our support team at support@fastinvest.com. Our team of experts is more than happy to investigate your case and help you resolve the issue.

The Account Overview page is your (as investors) main page which contains all relevant information about your funds.

From here, you can browse your available funds, invested funds, earnings, and reserved funds. Your account comes with 4 possible fiat currencies – European Euro (EUR), United States Dollar (USD), United Kingdom Pound (GBP) and Polish Zloty (PLN).

This section includes all vital transactional information. We have added tools to help you filter by transaction date, type, and currencies.

On the account statement page, you can look through and find any and all transactions relating to your account.

The My Investment page was designed to separate transactions from investments. Here you will only find loans you have invested in. We have also added an advanced filter to help you navigate.

By clicking 'LOAN ID', you can view the individual loan in detail, browse the payment schedule or even add additional funds to those you have already invested.

You can also SELL your investment from this page. However, be warned that by selling your investment prematurely you will lose any and all earned interest.

We included the possibility to sell the investment ahead of term because we understand how important is to know that you are in charge of your money. This way, you can access your funds when you need them most.

You can easily access your money by logging in to your Fast Invest account and proceeding to the ACCOUNT OVERVIEW page.

Available funds can be invested, exchanged into different currencies or transferred to your bank account at any time.

  1. Login to your Fast Invest account.
  2. Click WITHDRAW FUNDS from the Menu or ACCOUNT OVERVIEW page.
  3. Fill in the withdrawal application, confirm the payment via SMS code.
  4. Your withdrawal amount will be reserved until approved by customer services.
  5. You will receive the money within 4 (four) business days*.

*NOTE: to withdraw funds from your account, you must confirm your identity. Identity confirmation can be done in MY INFORMATION section, Identity Documents page. More on the verification process can be found in the FAQ.

The Fast Invest platform supports 4 fiat currencies – European Euro (EUR), United States Dollar (USD), United Kingdom Pound (GBP) and Polish Zloty (PLN).

Our currency exchange is a simple and easy process.

  1. On the exchange page, select which currency you want to convert to.
  2. Enter the desired amount in one of the input fields.
  3. Confirm the transaction.

Currency exchange rates are calculated via rates from the European Central Bank.


Auto Invest is an advanced investing tool that allows you to create an investment portfolio based on custom pre-set criteria. Auto Invest is an excellent tool for saving time and ensuring diversification. Your Auto Invest portfolio can be paused, resumed or cancelled at any time, without losing any of your funds.

After setting up and launching a portfolio with Auto Invest, the Fast Invest system will automatically filter and invest in loans according to your settings, doing so continuously.

If there are not enough loans on the platform which meet the user's criteria to reach the maximum portfolio size, excess funds will remain in the investor’s account. Every time new loans are added to the platform, the system will automatically perform a fresh search and invest in the new listings that qualify.

You can also choose the repayment option. The repayment option will take earnings from the portfolio’s principal amount and automatically reinvest them in your selected Auto Invest portfolio.

All loans invested with Auto Invest tool are marked with the symbol .

You can stop the Auto Invest feature at any time. All investments made while using the function will remain in your portfolio.

*NOTE: you can use many different Auto Invest pre-sets, while also investing manually.

Yes. Even if you are using Auto Invest, you can still invest your funds manually. We suggest using both because, as investors, priorities change over time. Moreover, Auto Invest is only a tool to facilitate the investment process. Ultimately, you are always the one in control.

Auto Invest is a feature our team developed to help our customers operate more efficiently. Fast Invest does not charge any extra fees for its use.

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