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Simona Vaitkune

Simona Vaitkune

Our goal is to build a sustainable, scalable investment model that’s independent of big banks. The FAST INVEST platform has been designed to give you full financial control of your future. Here you can invest risk-free in a range of loans, build your own portfolio and watch your finances grow. With us, you can be your own bank.

Our advanced investment platform facilitates customers to invest money into various loans across the EU efficiently.

Success in numbers

We have dedicated our energy and creativity to create a user-friendly platform that enables you to enter the world of investment and start earning passive income. Thousands of investors are already taking advantage of this opportunity. As the saying goes, the numbers don’t lie.

Numbers are always the best measurement of success:

Growth of the investment volume

+€13 mln.
Total investment growth

Client origin countries


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We are dreamers. We are thinkers. We are doers. We are revolutionaries. We are visionaries. We are young and we will make an impact. Our goal is to make financial systems more transparent, swift and accessible. For us the bigger the challenge, the bigger the opportunity. And it’s our awesome team that makes everything happen. That’s why we are investing time and money into bringing the best people together. We are the future. Come join us.