Every company has a story of how it came to be. Behind every story, there are people
who came together to make their dream come true. This is our story.

Simona Vaitkune

Fast Invest CEO
Simona Vaitkune

Fast Invest is committed to building a sustainable, scalable investment model that does not require the support of big banks. This, in turn, enables our investors to grow their investment portfolio and earn passive income.

Our advanced investment platform facilitates customers to invest money into various loans across the EU efficiently.

Success, in Numbers

Fast Invest platform offers you a chance to enter investment world and grow your passive income. We dedicated our talents and creativity to make this platform as user-friendly as possible.

Numbers are always the best measurement of success:

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  • 2015

    1Q European headquarters opened in the United Kingdom;

    1Q Start of platform development;

    4Q Fast Invest platform officially launched;

    4Q Integration of the multi-currency digital wallet;

  • 2016

    1Q Integration of the Currency Exchange Tool v1.0;

    1Q Poland branch opened;

    1Q Established a presence in Poland and Polish zloty integration;

    1Q Established a presence in Finland;

    2Q Established a presence in Germany;

    2Q Lithuania branch opened;

    3Q Fast Invest platform update v2.0;

    3Q Auto Invest tool update v2.0;

  • 2017

    1Q Established a presence in France;

    2Q Established a presence in Spain;

    3Q Italy branch opened;

    3Q Established a presence in Italy;

    3Q Fast Invest platform update v3.0;

    3Q Auto Invest tool update v3.0;

    4Q ICO Crowdsale;

  • 2018

    1Q ICO Crowdsale v2.0;

    2Q Introduction of Cryptocurrencies;

    2Q Mobile App for Android and iOS;

    3Q CryptoCurrency Exchange;

  • 2019

    1Q Introduction of a Crypto Investing Service;

    2Q Open a Hong Kong headquarters;

    3Q Premium Payment Card;

    4Q Open a Singapore branch;

    4Q Introduction of a Digital Lending Service

  • 2020


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We are dreamers. We are thinkers. We are doers. We are revolutioneers. We are visioneers. We are young and we will make an impact. Our goal is to make the financial systems more transparent, swift and accessible. Our team solved massive problems and does that with such an ease. We invest time and money into building a strong relationship and team building. We believe that people are the company and we believe in teamwork. Challenges only help us shape ourselves and overcoming them we become stronger, wiser and resilient.