During two days of the ICT Spring 2017 speakers wondered how the digital technologies could change and improve our way of life through four conferences: Entertainment superpowers, Blockchain cross industry, Digital transformation and The Future of mobility.

Entertainment superpowers: “There are no more traditional media”

The first conference called “Entertainment superpowers” was presented by Keith Hopper, the Chief Financial Officer of Docler Holding. He dealt with the ways to use “superpower” to improve customer experience and make product or service more attractive. Among the different tools, data management, employee’s creativity, storytelling, virtual and augmented reality and digital transformation are the most usual and efficient. In his introduction, Keith Hopper remind how entertainment becomes complex. Today, there is no more traditional media, entertainment, in all its forms, makes any companies able to respond at the customer’s demand quickly.

Emmanuel Vivier, Co-founder of the HUB Institute and one of the world top “digital advertising & social media marketing” experts answered the following question: “Entertainment is changing, are you?”. New digital players are reinventing entertainment. Through the Netflix Vista example, Emmanuel Vivier showed that video is everywhere among us. But he explained that TV has to fight back by trying to find new forms, new topics, and new way to interest the millennials because “ephemeral content is the new mainstream”. Thanks to Instastory on Instagram, stories on Snapchat and Facebook’s stories, users generate content and anyone can create his own video and generate a massive audience. Emmanuel Vivier added:” Those platforms are really innovating. We need to be much more innovating to be in the fight. We need to use this data to make this experience much more interesting.”