Would you like to create a “financial stronghold” - acquire savings that will be saved not only for a rainy day? If yes, you shouldn’t only save but also invest skillfully. What does skillfully mean? It means safely, and in the platforms, that bring you real profits.

How to enter the investment world? Where should you pay attention to, when choosing a platform for investing your money? How to minimize the risk of loss of invested resources and increase your profits?

Here are 5 fundamental principles which will allow you to be successful.

     1. Start your investors carrier by deciding on amounts you wish to invest, that are safe to own capabilities.

Security of investments starts from a reasonable determination of the volume of funds. In this case, the reason means finding “the right balance”. Don’t jump off the deep end, taking all budget surplus on one investment.  Financial experts say that we should save approx. 10-15 percent of monthly revenue. It’s safe amount and everyone should be able to save relatively painlessly (with small cutbacks), which simultaneously allows reasonable gathering of own capital over time.

     2. If I have long-term liabilities, then should I choose portfolios only with access to early exit channels.

Life is unpredictable. That’s why, all forms of investments seem to be so risky, as they assume e.g. Deposit of high amount of money for a particular portfolio for many years. Indeed, long-term investments are profitable but only if nothing will happen that could cause problems for the platform that is holding your funds. If you are thinking about the accumulation of money for longer time, make sure that withdrawal of gathered resources will be possible, as well as withdrawal from the investment with a reasonable financial conditions. It’s your warranty that you’ll get desired amount at any moment, without some serious problems.

     3. Think long term

Investing doesn’t mean a possibility of becoming rich quickly. Playing in casino or gambling may do so. However, the risk of losing the invested resources is very high. If you want to “play’” reasonably - choose secure financial instruments. Despite appearances, not all of them relates to the small profit percent. If in the case of a deposit or saving account you may count on few per cent in the year (if you’re lucky), then e.g. Investing in loans and using offers like the one prepared by Fast Invest, you may (not exposing yourself to a risk) gain up to 15 percent per year. In this manner, in the perspective of few years, you may gather relatively high capital that will protect you against the effects of inflation.

     4. Take a good look at the conditions of the undertaken investment

Investment funds or investing on the stock exchange don’t guarantee reimbursement of resources invested in shares or bonds. The risk is very high, and you should be informed about it. However, there are financial instruments which are significantly more secure and at the same time being profitable. Investments in loans work so, as you make a profit on interest paid by borrowers. The level of repaying ability is very high and when it comes to delays in paying the instalments - they will be paid by your broker. So, you may be sure that you don’t lose - at least in Fast Invest. Remember the more transparent cooperation conditions, the higher certainty that no loopholes in the form of hidden commissions or additional fees are waiting for you.

      5. Don’t be afraid of investing small amounts

If you think that you will start investing when you gather appropriate (quite high) capital, you're wrong. You’re able to work out a greater profit with the small step-by-step method. Rather than keeping your savings under the mattress and losing their value because of financial inflation try out investing small amounts into many different loans. When you invest small amounts, you should check if the selected loan is profitable and secure. Over time you will feel more comfortable to invest higher amounts. Check our Loan List at Fast Invest platform.

The reason for checking investment conditions carefully and starting by a step-by-step method is because it guarantees your fund security and at the same time in several years you will gather resources that will guarantee your financial security. It’s worth not to put off decisions about investing and start working out profits today.