Last week we managed to catch our company’s CEO Simone Vaitkune for a quick chat. We got lucky knowing how busy her schedule is right now with the emergence of three new markets, new payment systems, currencies and other jazz.

Here is her thought on the current state of the market and Fast Invest company’s place in it.

Fast Invest originated back in 2012 when the market was yet to be conquered. From the very birth as a startup, we never stopped striving for the top rank in the FinTech market. The desire to be the best is best reflected in the ever-growing list of clients – people who enjoy earning passive income.

What helped us the most was the excellence to which we strive as a company and the value we put on serving the needs of our customers. Every client receives individual treatment of the highest responsibility and regard. On the other hand, we understand that it is not the company, but people who work with us that are the most important inclusive part, that’s why we treat our co-workers with respect and esteem.

Considering the money market, it is clear that during the global process of moving funds to digital space, there is a huge need for people to invest and hold their savings safely. Here is where Fast Invest comes in the play. We offer a unique and appealing way to store and invest your money.

For the plans, we are ready to expand our activity globally. Seeing how rapidly the unification of the world happens, I know we are more than willing to provide this fantastic opportunity not only for Europe but also smaller parts of the world to safely and securely invest their saving, earn passive income and provide a better quality life for them and their families.