BuyBack Guarantee

BuyBack Guarantee is one of the most important tools there is. No secondary markets, no stress.

If anytime you decide to stop investing, we will buy back your investment in one day.

Every other P2P lending system will offer you to put your loan on sale and wait until somebody buys it and that’s how you would return your money.

To do so, go to your investor's account by clicking on “my investments” and click “Sell”. After customer services have approved your action, you will receive the funds into your Fast Invest investor account.

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No Fees

There is no fee for registering your investor account. No credit card information is required. No annual account or administrative fees. On top of all that, we will exchange your currency for free.

Default Guarantee

If at any time a borrower is late on his scheduled loan payment, we will offset that payment. Thus our customer’s investments are safe.

If a payment instalment is overdue for 3 or more days, our Default Guarantee will settle the arrears.

You will still gain funds from the principal sum and the investment period. These payments will be marked with the shield logo.

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No investment limits

Fast Invest is different from our competitors because we have the lowest entry point. You can start investing with as little as only 1 Euro! No rush, no stress and no risk. Try it; we do not have any limitations as of how much money you can invest into our platform.

Multiple currencies

Our platform accepts different currencies. Most common is EURO and Polish Zloty. Inside you will find a special tool for free currency exchange.

Transparency and safety

As for our company’s vision, we want to be fearless – to embrace the new era of the digital economy. That’s why we’ve set ourselves the goal of positively impacting the lives of millions of our investors. Fast Invest remains committed to ensuring that our customers are provided with truthful, transparent, and complete information about our investment portfolios so that they can make prudent and informed investment decisions.

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